Advanced Style Artist: Aline Smithson

[Paintings by Aline Smithson]
I came across these fantastic works by Artist Aline Smithson and immediately fell in love. She explains how the idea for this series came along below from her website:

“This series incorporates traditional photography techniques yet, becomes richer with the treatment of hand painting. It is my intent to have the viewer see the work in a historical context, with the addition of color, and at the same time, experience Whistler’s simple, yet brilliant composition formula for the composition. My patient 85 year old mother posed in over 20 ensembles, but unfortunately passed away before seeing the finished series. I am grateful for her sense of humor and the time this series allowed us to be together.”

What a beautiful testament to his 85 year old mother!

  • Anonymous

    Lovely! It touched my heart!
    Juliana (Argentina).

  • the top picture is my fav. out of this series.

  • what a lovely idea – mothers can be such incredible creatures….. Whistler would have been tickled pink, I'm sure

  • These are incredible. I am so glad I was sent over to you blog via Filigree. What a positive and uplifting subject you have picked. Love it.

  • These are incredible! And what a wonderful lasting memory to have of a loved one.

  • Absolutely stunning. What a wonderful way to spend time with her mother.

  • These are priceless! And they're so witty…

    When i saw the first of these pictures, i couldn't define what my initial reactions were…so i just kept scrolling down to see the rest…what an imaginative imagination…and creative ability to make it all work together — the costumes, the poses, the colors.

  • I love this set! It is evident that you and your mother had a strong relationship. 🙂

  • This set really made me smile.
    They are magic.

    Beaut xxx
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