Advanced Style Couples

[Photos by Smilla]
[Photos by Ari Seth Cohen]
Smilla sent me some wonderful new photos of stylish couples. You can tell how comfortable each of these pairs is with one another and its fun to see how they have influenced each other’s style. I’m always a bit shy about approaching friends or groups of people for photos because I don’t want to interrupt their time together, but when I do I always seem to capture something special.
  • Love the blog, I like see old folks with hats. I hope to be as stylish in my advanced age. I'm trying to as we speak!

  • wow I wish me and my significant other could look half as good as all those duos do!

    Jealous! But in a good way!

  • Oh my goodness, The lady with the Red hat and her husband gazing at her lovingly in the fedora. That's Love right there. I love your blog.

  • AMAZING! I love this! Such cute couples!

  • Tash

    the first guys look so funny and so cute

  • they are so lovely, so in peace with each other and the world!

    i love them all. 🙂

  • Julia Read

    These people look so great and so comfortable with their age. Hope I can do as well one day. XXX