Advanced Style Icon: Fleur Cowles

A while back my friend Tom showed me his collection of Flair magazines, a innovative style publication created by Fleur Cowles in the 1950s. I noticed via The Women’s Room that the creative force behind this iconic magazine passed away this past year at the age of 101. Ms. Cowles once said,“I have an idea a minute,I’m a born idea myself.” If you can get a hold of some old copies of Flair you will surely be delighted and inspired.
  • Fleur looks divine at any age.

  • What beautiful images and style!! That second shot is downright breathtaking! Thanks for sharing!

  • FINALLY!!! I have been wantng check out yer blog since fo'EVAH…IT'S EVEN BETTER that I coulda wished….awesome idea

    HAPPY NEW YEAR young man

  • Happy New Year! I never heard of this woman but living to be 101 must mean she really was something! Will look up her bio. My first post for 2010 will also be about another great woman. All the best to you & yours!

  • wonderful. i love her look, especially the long black/white skirt, top photo. a style icon indeed.

  • Her boldness is wonderful! Not just in her style of dress, but in her remark "she was a born idea" — confidence like that must've been part of her flair?

  • Simply divine…the black and white skirt is out of this world..she looks stunning…

  • Anonymous

    If you like Flair, you might want to check out Vintage Magazine, which just launched in November and was inspired by Flair.

  • Amazing. This is proof that although blogs and the internet may cater to the youth, true style outlasts them all.
    Thank you for the inspirational blog.

  • freak da chic!

    inspiration for the new year.

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  • gi.

    Hands down: advanced style is my new favorite blog. this is brilliant and absolutely though provoking. thank you thank you!

    can't wait to see more 🙂

  • I adore Flair! And Fleur, both the name and the person. I didn't know she'd died. But really, 101 with style is about as good as it gets.