Here are a few more pictures from a day I spent with Debra. She dressed me up for a photo as well. Debra lives her life inspired by the color and texture of the world around her. She has been making neck pieces made from found metal since the 1970s, one of which you can see in the photo of me above. She collects zippers and scraps of old sweaters, tea bags, and old pencils and wraps them and shapes them into beautiful delicate treasures! Not only does she embrace aging with a wonderful attitude, but also her creative spirit with a desire to collaborate and share her positive energy with others!

  • once again, i LOVE debra's style!!! thanks for more of this creative and wonderful lady.

  • …look at you: all lookin like a lil mournful altarboy… dang cute…
    Awesome post….this gal is too cool for words…..

  • I adore your blog! And I'm absolutely in love with Debra's style. She's my new role model!

  • rock on debra! i love this blog!


  • Debra looks gorgeous. What an inspiration.

  • Debra, if you're reading this…I cannot express what an inspiration you have become to me in the brief time we've been learning about you on this blog. Thank you. And thank you, Ari, for your continued, cherished work here.

  • Suella

    Debra is both a beautiful and a talented woman. I do envy you getting to spend time with her.

    More videos please!

    You looked great as well. Would you dress like that normally?