Jenny Goes Gray

Here is Jenny describing why she decided to let her hair go Gray and the great response that she has had. Check out some more photos of her below and more in the near future. Email your own stories of “Going Gray” to Advancedstyleinfo@gmail. I think it would be fun to share a few.
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  • I let my hair go grey three years ago, then coloured it again for a year. But realised I was doing it for other people not for me. It's been grey since. I get more compliments from woman about my hair then ever I had in my whole life before.And I love it.

  • kim

    Jenny is delightful and I love her hair. She's stunning.

    Clothes Are Cute
    Clothes Are Cute

  • Anonymous

    this woman is just gorgeous.

  • I convinced my mom, one of my aunts and my grandmother to all let their hair be gray. I think that in this world of anti-aging and plastic surgery it is great to age naturally to help put a stop to the distorted perspective about aging… of course, I also live in Los Angeles where the whole anti-aging, plastic surgery is totally out of hand so my perspective may be more strongly influenced 🙂

  • She is just absolutly charming, adorable !!!!!!!!!

  • sara

    I really like this blog. It makes me wonder what I will look like and wear when I'm not 21 any more.

  • Anonymous

    Jenny–like many of the ladies spotlighted here–is fortunate to be so beautiful. It is an accident of nature. A gift bestowed on some, denied others.

    There is something disturbing about the way we worship that.

    Her personal style is also lovely.

  • Wonderful video, and Jenny is just stunning – may I ask where she's from? She has a very similar accent to mine (twinges of Aussie, twinges of Yankee), and it's nice to hear someone who talks like I do. 🙂

  • I am 57 and dyed my hair (what possessed me?) only one time for my wedding at 38. I love my grey hair and cannot imagine it any other way. It makes me laugh, but people often comment that they admire my "courage" to be grey. If only the norm was to age naturally we would all feel more alike and accept our humanity.

    I LOVE your blog. Thank you for honoring such beautiful people.

  • Jenny looks great. I'm so excited to see more and more women embrace their gray. I'm 54, and I write a blog about being fearlessly gray and relentlessly cool. Rock the Silver. I love your site. Thanks for all you do to show the world older people can be stylish.

  • i LOVE HER head scarf!

  • Beautiful. Now THAT is what I aspire to.

  • cute head piece


  • I have subscribed to your blog.
    I like the old people style.
    Sorry for my english.

  • Jenny is such an inspiration. I remember seeing her here in the blog for the first time and feeling mesmerised. I truly aspire to be like her when I grow older, silver hair and all.

  • i haven't colored my hair for 4 months now, so it's slowly transitioning to gray in the front and temples…so far i'm okay with it. i hate it when people make comments as if my hair makes me who i really am! These days, people can take me as i am, or leave…and i couldn't care less.

  • Anonymous

    I love women who listen to their inner voice instead of the crappy youth-oriented "culture". Love this site.

  • Anonymous

    ..anythng is better than dyed hair, especially brown dyed hair which always gets that dried out nicotine tinge.Save the money spent colouring on skin care..nothing chic-er than well cared for, creamy
    skin against shiny silver hair…

  • I never thought about dying my hair until once I went to get a body perm and the stylist was having a bad day: it turned my hair blonde! The color made my skin glow, so I started dying it and I liked it until one day I decided it was practically the same color as the hair that was growing in, so I stopped dying it and went "grey." It's gorgeous. Isn't it wonderful that our hair evolves, too? xxoo Patty

  • Anonymous

    Jenny. Is she this gorgeous every day? She is the epitome of silver fox!!


  • Carol

    …love your blog!…Jenny is beautiful…..grey is beautiful…… is all about the energy you emit… matter what your hair color……so great of you to start a blog like this……again, i love love love it!

  • Jenny is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen! so elegant, suchpoise! How wild, to be such a beauty.

  • Beautiful. And inspiring too. I can't access the videos at all though – it's just a blank space for this one and the others. I wonder if this is because I'm in Britain?

  • Marina

    Sarah, I'm in the UK and I can see the videos!

  • Marina

    I am 49 and at 40 my hair turned grey. I lived with it for a few years then started to colour it blonde, but I am so inspired by your blog and with Jenny that I am going to let it grow out again!
    I think there is something very dramatic about a shock of grey hair especially if there is a sweep of it i.e. all the same length or a long fringe. More pics of Jenny please and more info about her.. she is so beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, besides the grey hair, she is absolutely beautiful. Wish I grew old that way too.

  • Bingster

    Wow, she looks wonderful.

  • Fabulous lady!!Thanks for sharing such a nice post.

  • jenny is gorg (is she a SA girl like me? i'm in the process – will be 58 next month and have hennaed my dark espresso hair since i was 16!!! 3 months into the growout i have an inch and a half of silver threaded dark hair! love it! i did chop 6 inches off and it's now shorter than usual to my shoulders. think i'll keep it here till all the henna hits the floor! it grows very fast so as soon as it is all in and i'm red free, i'll grow it long again!

  • Elizabeth

    It took me only 8 months to grow out the bit and pieces of my hair that were colored. Now I have a stunning silver and pepper and brown elegant long banged bob. People are constantly complimenting me on my hair these days and most say I look 10 years younger. The miracle of honesty. At 63 I am feeling super attractive. Who knew. Pictures of Jenny with her hair up in black lace scarf w vintage jewelry and floral crepe frock were my inspiration. Thank you Jenny…you are a star!