Mary and I had a lovely lunch and walk through the east village together. She always teaches me something new about the area, including places to get great bites for a good price. We had lunch at the Ukrainian East Village Restaurant and then had dessert at Venieros. When I complimented her Giraffe print socks she told me, ” You never saw a plain sock on Fred Astaire”.This is how Mary connects with Fred and adds some even more spice to her ever fashionable appearance. Check out some pictures of Mary from previous posts below.

  • She's a doll! Love her heels too!

  • She's so lovely whith her faux fur coat !

  • She's lovely! And an expert at outfit co-ordination!

  • Hello! I love love love your blog. Thank you so much for doing this 🙂 I love you so much I had to write my own blog post about your blog. I don't expect it will bring any traffic to yours because no one reads mine but I just had to do it 🙂 Thanks again!

  • Love this blog. I guess I am old (52), but since I have been in the East Village my whole life I have never grown up.

    Funny incident: I was getting my haircut in Chinatown – I still wear the punky, choppy, asian-type style – and the hairdress who is 21 or asked me if my hair is dyed. (It's silver-grey.) I looked at him oddly until about 3-4 of the other young asian stylists came in ALL YOUNG, ALL WITH GREY HAIR. funny.

  • This woman is a joy to see.

  • Anonymous

    Mary is one of my favorites. The thought invested in each day's outfit blows my mind. Wonderful!

  • I've been looking for a blog like this for quite a long time. I was watching Golden Girls one day (and looking at photos of Iris Apfel at the same time) and wondered why there weren't more style blogs about older people and…I found one. There are so many questions I want to ask Mary and you too, Ari. You both seem so fascinating.

  • Love the blog. Can i put some of your pics in my blog? Ill give you your credits. Great job.

  • I just discovered your blog a few days ago. Mary has got to be one of the most stylish women ever! Love her animal print coat especially 🙂

  • Mary is the cutest woman I have ever seen. I have a new idol now!

  • Zee

    I really love her style. Her face is priceless

  • Hi Ari, I have just been told about your blog by a blogger called Wendy B who left a comment on my site. Loving your site. I will definitely be back.

  • she is ADORABLE.

  • I love your Blog – and the fantastic ladies on it!

  • Ok, that shoe and sock combination is the most fabulous thing EVER. Also, I love the last photo with the military-looking jacket.

  • I've been silently stalking your site for months… Love it!

    By far Mary is MY FAVORITE! Absolutely amazing!

    Great site!

  • she is one of my favorites – thanks for the photo.

  • G'Day~ What a fun~loving~free spirited~hip Woman.Great style and creativity! Marry looks like a lot of fun to hang with.How special.Enjoy!

  • I so hope that I will be that funky when I am her age, she has such great style!

  • I love this blog! Thanks.

  • LizzC

    I1ve just discovered your blog. I'm loving it! So far, Mary is my favorite…!

  • OH Ladie.. she is such a cutie, i0m amazed by her style <3 God bless her and you..