Last year Leif sent me some wonderful shots of his stylish Swedish grandmother Olga. I recently asked him if he had any others to share and he sent me the two photos above and one of his mother Gunilla at 89. He told me that Olga, “had an artistic talent and painted and loved to go to flea markets and create things (long long before it was fashionable),She knitted the purple outfit herself. Check below for some more photos posted last year, and some background information on this fabulous woman. I’d love to post other relatives with Advanced Style. Email your photos for consideration to Advancedstyleinfo@gmail.com

Leif described his grandma in a previous post “Glad you liked the pictures.My grandmother Olga was born 1890 in New Mexico, grew up in Florida and married my Swedish grandfather when only 18. They met in Paris where he romantically proposed on the Eiffel tower. She was most innocent and had no idea how children were conceived.She had 9 children. Her wisdom: Always be kind to other people. Never be afraid of anything. Be original.”

Great advice to live by!

  • I LOVE Olga! May her tribe increase!

  • my friend just showed me your blog and its my new favorite! it is such a wonderful idea.
    Would you mind if I list your blog in a post about my favorite blogs right now?

  • ari

    I would be honored!

    Ari Seth Cohen

  • Olga looks fantastic in purple!
    PS I mentioned you in one of my blog posts last week. Love your blog!

  • I love the purple outfit!! Its my fave colour. I'd proudly wear it too 🙂

  • I have to tell you, I adore this blog. I've always felt more comfortable with older people and often feel out of step with pop culture and people my own age (33). Whenever I feel like too much of an outsider or that what I value is worthless, I come here and am comforted that other possibly like-minded people exist. Thank you.

  • Oh so chic! They have the best sunglasses.


  • These photos are brilliant. I love that purple knitted outfit. Gorgeous.

  • Gorgeous! I love the purple outfit 🙂

  • What a Beautiful woman…and that last quote…amazing.

  • Oh god I love your blog so much!

    The older set that you showcase here give me immense inspiration. They make me feel no fear about growing grey & existing beyond the years of caring about being cool, following trends or worrying about what other people think.

    Olga looks amazing in these photos, all of that big hair is making me salivate and the colours… WOW!

    Thanks for the best blog on the web, i check in daily and it always makes me happy as a clam!

  • gorgeous stylish woman!