Round Glasses,Warm Smile

[Photos by Smilla]
Smilla sent me these great photos earlier this morning. She explains,” Hi Ari, here you go, this woman is 77 years old, and you wouldn’t believe it if you talked to her.She had no doubts at all about being in the blog, (that’s very special for German seniors, at least in how open she was.)We stood together for a pretty long while, and after wards I was totally frozen… I met her at an optician. Her glasses by the way are Lagerfeld, and 20 years old.

I can relate to Smilla when she says that she was frozen after talking with this wonderful woman. The people we meet have so much to share and are so full of life. There are many times when after meeting someone and hearing them reflect on their lives and style, that I need a moment to reflect. I am oftentimes left breathless, heart beating, ready to take on the days’ challenges with a renewed perspective.

  • She's gorgeous – love that colour lipstick!

  • Yes, I was thinking just the same about the lipstick. Such beautiful skin too – and great style.

  • Who's that actress who dresses and looks like her? She's usually covered from neck to fingertips…(just remembered: Diane Keaton)

    She looks good in her wrinkles. To me, this is what it means when someone is described as having aged gracefully. The lines define her face in such a way that the observer is drawn to her seeming contentedness… like she has made peace with whatever life has brought her.

  • ". . . many times when after meeting someone . . . I need a moment to reflect. I am oftentimes left breathless, heart beating, ready to take on the days' challenges with a renewed perspective."

    Exactly the way I feel about visitng this blog every day.

  • I really like her glasses, that style is back in for this season apparently. Thanks for the tip! Will have the reblog about this as I have used loads of pics of round glasses from upcoming designers, but it's good to know when something's been done before.

    Also, I think this is a fabulous blog. Keep up the good style hunting.


  • Carla

    Now this woman gives me hope!

    If I can manage, at 77+, to look this alive and healthy sporting glowing skin (wrinkles and all) beautiful teeth and sparkling eyes (not to mention the style she shows), I will have considered myself successful!

    What a difference a joyous smile makes! Clearly this woman has a wonderful attitude about life.

    She is going in to my book of role models for my future! VERY COOL!!!

    Love you and your blog, Ari!!!!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  • When are you going to write a book?

  • lc

    Smilla's closeups capture character and vitality so beautifully. I always look forward to new posts on your blog.

  • She is amazing–and those glasses!!! made me think of Diane Keaton too…

  • She has such a beautiful face, and those glasses add to her character. I love these photos and stories about the fabulous women in their 60's, 70's and 80's that you have on your blog. They give me hope that there is a way to age gracefully and keep your personal style.

  • Grrreat glasses!