A Wall Full of Memories

[Photos by Arturas Valiauga]

These awesome photos were taken by Lithuanian artist Arturas Valiauga from a series entitled, I Dropped in on Stepas House, We Talked about Life; Still Identity. I find the collections of photographs and clippings on the walls of this couple’s home very inspiring. A catalogue from a show where these photos were featured describes their environment as “Home becomes the map of the inside and outside world.” Many of the people I meet and talk to have collections of photos and scraps of papers they have saved over the years. Some collage them into artworks, others place them into scrapbooks hidden in cabinet drawers. I love the idea of filling one’s home with visual memories and inspiring words. Debra writes on her walls, Mimi Weddell’s refrigerator was full of her favorite quotes, like ” Rise Above It” and I have a drawer full of clippings that are just waiting to fill my walls! What better way to wallpaper?

  • i am in love with your blog.

  • cat

    so cool the pics! xx cat
    CiTiEs of B

  • this is so fantastic. I LOVE your blog–talk about aging gracefully. just shared it with those out there & have some great leads for you for native New Yorkers with super 'AdvancedStyle'. Let me know if you'd be interested.


  • The juxtaposition of simplicity and clutter results in a stunning environment. Personally, it attracts me. I wish I had an hour to study these photos. Perhaps later.

  • I believe you are referring to ephemera, the term for "transitory written and printed matter not intended to be retained or preserved".

  • Mim

    And polka dots!

  • Brilliant blog! You've been brought to me through Refinery and now you are on our blog roll. We do a mother daughter blog come see us. My plan is to grow old gracefully so kudos to you for bringing on such beautiful, stylish older woman. I am getting tired of seeing the same young starlets published.


  • Wow! Nostalgia is very important!


  • What an amazing post! LOVED it. I live in Poland. I am amazed after living round the world that most women have that nesting instinct to make the home they live in as cozy as possible. Thanks for sharing this. Glad I found you! Come on by and say hi!
    Hugs from Poland,

  • Life is so short…and it's bittersweet that their memories plastered all over those walls will not mean much to anybody else after they die. And yet, to be surrounded by so much to remind them of the good (or hard) times — especially as we get older and some of our memories begin to fade away… it's good to have the physical reminders to trigger those fuzzy memories back to clarity.

  • what a amazing!!