After Einstein

[Photos by Smilla]

A few weeks back Smilla took these wonderful pictures of the charming man above. She writes:

I met this nice guy yesterday, and we immediately had such an interesting talk about Cologne and the carneval, which is one of the most important things in Cologne. He invited me for a coffee spontaneously,unfortunately I did not have time.Sometimes you meet people, and they don’t feellike strangers in a way; maybe sort of new but familiar at the same time.
His glasses are from Biedermeier, 1823,still with the original lenses! They are made out of gold, each part with an own stamp and they were made in Antwerp( he looks a bit like Albert Einstein I think…)
all the best,

  • Sorry for my english, ist ist not the best. I look for this blogg and i like it very much. Your fotos are exellent and the people are very interesting people.
    Are you know the dome of cologne??

  • Mim

    These strangers who don't seem like strangers; mysterious the way the barriers come down.

    It makes one aware how often there are so many barriers.

    He looks very simpatico.

  • First, if Albert Einstein had THAT much going for him, he wouldn't have had to teach at Princeton. Second, this dude is SUPAH! He reminds me of no one but himself! xxoo Patty

  • sandra

    what style…

  • barbara

    A mix of Albert Einstein and Peter Sloterdijk (Philosopher).

  • This pictures are so incredibly beautiful, I could just marry him on the spot.

  • I love these glasses, they are so fabulous. Talk about vintage! I wish older interesting people would spontaneously invite me to coffee as well.


  • Anonymous

    Just wonderful. That pop of orange goes so well with his white hair and the jacket.