The Art of Dressing Up

I think one of the reasons Debra and I get along so well is that we share a love for dressing up and playing with different costumes and styles. Dressing up is way to shift your attitude to transform yourself while having fun and enjoying life. You can create a magical experience by putting on a hat or a pair of earrings from a foreign destination. When I got to Debra’s house she was taking a nap after a polarity session with one of her patients. With a little bit of inspiration, make up, and fun she transformed herself in a number of minutes.

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CLICK HERE to watch Advanced Style featured on French TV.

  • Oh! The jacket! Whereever did Debra get it? I, of course would not want the same one, just something similar. Or did she make it? Sewing is a talent that I admire greatly.

  • Suella

    Great fun!
    More Debra please.

    I would kill for that jacket. I have several that are ethnographic in that they are made and reflect different countries and cultures.

    The colour and patterns are just the sort of thing I would love to find. And no doubt this is one of Debra's wonderful bargains.

    Definitely more Debra please.

  • what a wonderful blog! found you through thelipsticklist…looking forward to future posts!

  • Prosit! I loved the French programme – so there is hope for us all when we grow old and want to keep up with fashion now!!! I adore that jacket Debra is wearing.

  • i love her hat


  • Anonymous

    Thought you all might be interested in this photo and the discussion going on with it.

  • Fabulous Hattitude Debra!

  • Debra, you look just fabulous in these two videos. I love the hat and the jewellery, and on some people, it would just overwhelm them, but not you. I can't figure out how to put on eye makeup and not look older, so I usually skip it, but I agree, you need to bring your face up to the level of your accessories!

  • I love your photos and especially your videos!
    Thank you!

  • I heart only people in that they get up every morning and dress up, even if its to go to the bank.. their mind is in a different framework.. to them to go out of the house is to go out.. my grandmother once saw me in jeans and a hoodie, and when i said that sometimes i go to school like that she was flabbergasted…

  • I adore Debra! What a gorgeous and fun lady.

  • i absolutely love your blog
    i see my self when i will be old
    i want to stay stylish and beautiful like their are


  • Put this woman on TV!!! Debra is wonderful–her engaging personality and her absolute since of style are phenomenally magnetic.

  • Hi!
    Congratulations : I saw your wonderful blog yesterday on the french network Canal + ! I am so enthusiastic about it and these wonderful elder people that i put the link on my own blog (a feminist blog in french)
    Keep up !

  • I can't say enough how much I enjoy your posts on Debra.
    These colors suit her. She looks really youthful in this outfit.
    OK, going to watch the video now..!

  • sandra

    From attitude to hattitude…
    From less is more…to more is more…

    This has truly been a paradigm shift for me.

    You look fantastic!

  • You know how we sometimes need a little nudge to see in ourselves what has been a little dormant, perhaps because the other things of life muddy the view sometimes? Debra, you have been that nudge, catalyst, SPARK that I've needed. Looking at the comments above, it seems you have played that role in a few women's lives. Sartorially, I can get a little stuck, and especially when age makes me second guess ("Does this eye makeup [hat, dress, etc.] look awful in my late 50s? I can't even tell anymore…"). You are a liberating influence, Debra. Thank you! (Now, I only wish I looked like you…)

  • loveee your blog.. following now! 🙂

  • Yes, more please! Adore everything about her style!

  • it's good!

  • i covet that jacket. just found this blog, – and i love it! thanks for sharing.


  • Anonymous

    I just LOVE her hat. Do you think she could be persuaded to make a how-to video of the draping process she was talking about? That would simply rock. Does Debra sell her creations online?

  • Debra is truly a special woman who radiates beauty and joy.

  • What a lovely woman! Turning 60 soon and I am so inspired!!

  • What an amazing outfit!


  • I love you.
    My inspiration!
    Work it, gurllll.

  • Wonderful photos! Especially the profile shot exudes a mood of rich texture and color – brings to mind the Russian Tea Room!