Doris’ Treasures

Time spent with Doris is full of storytelling and magic. I took this video of her explaining what little treasures she had put in an old type case. She is a master at mixing whimsical and fine arts to make a wonderful world full of artistry and delight.

  • She's such a charming woman.

  • Ohh…I'm mesmerized.
    Wish I could follow Doris around her apartment all day long. It's wonderful; she's wonderful.

    Thank you once again, Advanced Style.

  • Love her shadow box full of treasures.

  • I am so delighted with the people you find and share….
    the world is nicer with you in it…

  • I am so delighted by the people you share!
    The world is a nicer place with you in it….

  • Wonderful, personal tiny treasures. I would love to find an old type drawer and do the same thing.

  • Love this video! Had a fabulous time talking to Debra Rappoport yesterday–were your ears burning? Doris has a tiny figure of Wilma from the Flintstones–I have a dozen or so of those tiny plastic cartoon figures–I'd never seen any others until today. Thank you for introducing us to such marvelous people, my dear (are you really as wonderful as Debra says?)

  • A sense of wonder keeps us all young. Thanks for posting!

  • The cat toys on the shelf are adorable!!! I love her collection!


  • I adore your blog so much and I just wanted to tell you I am a long time reader and stopping by always makes me smile. Now that all my grandparents are gone, it comforts me to see older people, they are so full of knowledge and beauty. I was just telling my friend the other day that I need more "older" friends. I miss hanging out with that generation. You are so lucky! Thanks for brightening my day 🙂

  • twh

    this is the most inspiring blog i've ever seen 🙂

  • This blog is such a delight! Watching this gives me such a hankering to visit my aunt's house and my grandmother's house and record them talking about their treasures, and also to organize my own!