A Love of Books

Books have always been a big part of my life. My grandmother was a librarian and absolutely loved reading, especially mystery novels. She would read one or two a week. When I was a kid she’d bring me to the library and let me explore the shelves for hours, wandering through ancient villages and magical kingdoms. My grandma went to Columbia Library School and I always wanted to visit and see where she studied. Tomorrow Doris is taking me on a tour of the campus and we are going to audit a class. I’m so excited to imagine my grandma as a young grad student walking through the Columbia campus.

Here are some shots of Doris and Jenny and their books. They are two ladies who love books just as much as my grandma Bluma.
  • Your second last photo is so beautiful.

  • I've been reading for a little while now, and I want to know….can I be Jenny when I grow up? What an awesome lady!

  • Suella

    You may find that Columbia has a lot of information about your grandmother and her university days. At the least they will have her grades. I'll bet they will have photographs as well in the yearbooks.

    Good hunting!

  • Oh, Ari, books are my passion! They are my husband's passion, too. Although I don't have any librarians in the family, I did have an aunt who started a library in the Hudson Valley. She was my hero!

  • My Grandmother was the librarian in the very small town where I grew up, and most of my Saturdays were spent there, poring over the books in the children's section and sneaking a look at the National Geographics. The love of reading that started there has continued–a good book can be the best company.

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  • I just love your blog!


  • Wow! What an inspirational & visually gorgeous Blog – thank you from a 59!

  • Those early women librarians did not receive enough appreciation during their time (nor do they still, in my opinion).

  • I am a children's librarian and I try to read three books a day, thus about 1000 a year; over 10000 in my career thus far. My brother, an attorney, says they do not count. I feel he is full of poo, really, while I have all the Pooh.