Sheepishly Stylish

This guy reminds me of a sea captain full of character. I love his sweater and hat. We didn’t have long to talk because he was on his way to the movies, but it’s fun to make up stories and imagine him sailing the high seas.

  • Haahah this is so awesome!

  • He's like Captain Birdseye! Though that might be a British thing – not sure you had him in the USA? And the sheep jumper is very fine.

  • Debra


    I love this guy..and love your title. What a LOOK, a real period piece done with class and a great sense of security!! UNIQUE

  • Anonymous

    I love that sweater!

  • sandra

    Do your thing brother…I love this!

  • barbara

    I'm wondering where he found this incredible cute sweater.
    He wears it with confidence.
    What is his job (the gloves!)?

  • I wonder if he chose to wear this pullover on purpose to match his beard…no actually it matches his whole form. Whatever, ingenious anyway!

  • Anonymous

    Where do people get these wonderful clothes?!