Shine On

[Photo from Style Like U]

When you are a teenager and want to rebel one of the first things you can do to express yourself is is grab a box of colored hair dye and go to town.The ladies above may be covering their silver locks, but they choose to do it in a defiant and daring way.They defy the conventional expectations that come with aging and instead of fading into the spotlight they shine on as inspiration for people of all ages to remain self expressive, take risks and embrace life.

  • oh Ari
    What a great collection of Fantastc Women and their HAIR. I love it allI
    I also love seeing thematic groupings!!

  • J'adore!

  • as I soon-to-be 50-year-old gal, and one with lots of bright style, I can't tell you what your post today means to me. I love your blog so much and it really warms my heart to know that there are other fashionable folks of advancing age out there in the world (because they sure aren't in my neck of the woods!) thanks a bunch.

  • i so want to dye my hair that pink color when i'm old and don't give a sh*t anymore.

  • Oh, aren't they all beautiful?

    As a younger person. I loved being creative with hair and clothes. I sometimes fear that those days are behind me now, but these gorgeous women are hugely encouraging .

    This blog is fresh, uplifting and inspirational. Many thanks!

  • These ladies are inspirational! Good for them. Glamour is not just for whippersnappers.

  • I am totally into this. If you're going to dye away the gray, then do it all the way!

  • There is so much to learn from those who truly understand and embrace the empowerment that comes from self expression. Cheers!

  • For my 50th birthday, I dyed my hair purple. Vivid grape purple! I have long hair, so it took a ton of dye, and I had to lighten it first. A real pain to maintain, but I kept it for a year. Then faded purple, which is really kinda pink, then burgundy. Now I'm a fiery red with brunette undertones. I haven't seen my natural blonde in ages, I think it is a salt and silver dishwater now if my roots are any indication.

    Viva dye!

  • These ladies are so cool and definitely are some to learn from!

  • PS: I wanted to let you know I shared this story on one of blogs.

  • just because of your delicious blog, i wen shopping tonight and bought some FAR-BRIGHTER-THAN-USUAL is screaming chartreuse, and the other peacock blue! thank you!

  • sandra

    whew! these folks are blowing me away…gusto and zest and not giving a damn about convention. Luv it!

  • I don't know.

    When I got married almost 30 years ago one of my bridesmaids had the tips of her hair dyed pink. I guess it was to jazz up the sedate purple dresses that I picked out.

    We got together a few years ago and looked at those wedding pictures and her pink hair kind of stood out.

    I say have fun with it, but think twice about appearing in photos that are going to stick around very long.

  • This risk-taking, edgy hair coloring is such fun to see on older women. I aspire to do the same, once I go gray.
    It's fantastic to see people express themselves, regardless of age.

  • This blog is so great, I've been following it for quite a while.

    My hair went grey in my 20's, so I have dyed my hair in crazy colours for the past 20 years. I have ended up with blue, as it covers the grey perfectly, and in daylight it is almost luminous!
    However, I will go for pastel shades in the future.

    I'm a designer, and in 2008, we made our seasonal look book where one of the models was a beautiful and mature woman. We exhibited the pictures and catalogue at fashion fairs in Copenhagen and Paris, and people came into our stand to talk about this model on the pictures, as much as looking at the clothes! I didn't expect the pictures to create that much (positive) attention. It was so great, and it really inspires me to continue working with mature women as models in the future.

  • Bea

    What an awsome blog!
    Fashion is ageless!!!!

  • streakyj

    my hair went gray quickly in middle age, to a nice gray, but i looked like a dirty snowball with a face, so i've been adding some purple streaks for many years. i live in a small town, but i've gotten many compliments and lots of enthusiasm from friends, students & strangers.
    maybe i'll try a new color…btw,my hair goddess says the redder colors last longer than the bluey ones.

  • Beautiful! My mother, a 69-year-old tomboy who lives in southern Maine, underwent chemotherapy for colon cancer last year. To celebrate making it throught the treatment (which was gruelling but did not cause much hair loss), she died the bangs oh her steel-gray pixie a vibrant royal blue. She looked amazing, got way more compliments than bemused stares, and explained that blue was the colon cancer awareness color when questioned. It was a gear example of a strong older woman letting her freak flag fly!

  • Getting grey hair is one of the reasons I can't wait to get older (I already have some actually ^^;) because you can do anything with it without having to bleach it. I would go for a copper tone then (similar but not quite like Vivienne Westwood)…but these ladies with their purples and pinks are gorgeous as well.

  • My god, the woman in the green hat…can I be her NOW, please?

  • To my mind one and all ought to look at this.

  • Amazing blog, and the coolest looking ladies i came across..Thank you x