Advanced Style Video: Carole’s View

The ever amazing Lina Plioplyte has been collaborating with me to make videos of the wonderful men and women you have seen here on Advanced Style. This is her second video featuring one my favorite stylish gals Carole. Check out her You Tube account to see more of her work by CLICKING HERE.I hope you enjoy this peek into Carole’s home.

  • Brilliant. I'd love to see more of Carole's home as well. So many beautiful objects and framed art in the background!

  • Wise woman! I agree with her style philosophies.
    I'll have a look at her creations on YouTube now…

  • sandra

    cool…i love this series and she has a unique look which I like and her place is so cool…

  • Anonymous


  • This and the previous post resonate with me – at 49 I've been wondering if I'm "too old for vintage". For a few years now I've wanted to dress from the 'high street' but am so frustrated by the thigh-length, sleeveless, sack-like designs on offer, it's had me returning to my regular style of using pieces or themes from 30s-50s.
    Here, Carol says that vintage is only for the young and below, Jenny uses the vintage vibe in an attractive way.
    It's as if you've looked inside my head.

  • Love it! More, more, more please….

  • Hey congrats. You were featured on the FRONT PAGE of the Style section of our major daily national, The Globe & Mail!!!! Very well done!

  • This is so wonderful!

  • i love her! she looks fantastic, has great taste and a good philosophy. and Carole is right: Prada is a genius!