Debra in Tribeca

Here are a few shots of Debra in Tribeca. We took some great videos and more photos which I will post next week!

  • Debra, stunning. I just found out about you in the NYT. BLESS YOU………….Style does not die.

  • She is so many levels of fabulous. The glasses, the hat, the scarf and brooch. Your blog is a wonderful thing.

  • Upcoming video of Debra–yay!!!

  • It strikes me that Debra is your muse in the same way that LouLou de la Falaise was Yves Saint Laurent's. She resembles LouLou, in a way.

  • Brilliant!
    Debra exudes confidence and chic. As always.

  • Brillant! Absolutely!

  • Debra, you look funky and elegant at the same time–the hat, the scarf and the glasses are just so perfectly "you" and I love that you are wearing a short skirt–you are my style inspiration!

  • Thanks to the Sunday Times for the hint to click over here.

    Looks to be a fun and inspiring place to visit. Cheers!

  • Love her. She puts Lady Gaga to shame with her fierceness.

  • Anonymous

    i also just found you through my subscription to the NYT and oh my gosh!!!!
    Living in a somewhat conservative western city, i just love the bombardment of color and texture and style that your blog offers. You have shared some great pictures and i have enjoyed every one of them, back to 2007 – hope to keep up on your next offerings for a long time to come – makes me feel like i have been around the world without leaving my home!
    Thanks much,

  • AMAZING look. Just love it x

  • I LOVE Debra's style and look, and I am glad I found your blog way of the New York Times. Fab.

  • Anonymous


  • She is a stunner for sure and reminds me of my 75-year-old sister.

  • love this blog adding to my RSS feeder

  • So happy to have found you in the NYT this weekend. I'm a former NY'er (une femme d'un certain age), now living in CT but a frequent visitor to the city. Debra's look is faaaaabulous.

  • Her shades are killing me. I'm going to stalk her.

  • Anonymous

    I'd like to know if Debra has collected and kept all of these things over the years, or if this is a current collection of clothes and accesssories. I love her approach to color!

  • The scarf, I must have it.

  • Oh my goodness this is amazing. I love how stylish the people you snapped are, I hope you don't mind if I copy a picture and do a feature of your pictures on my blog.

    Much Love

  • Tash

    what a girlish look
    love it