Head To Toe Red

I have been noticing a lot of the Advanced Style set dressed in red. Whether used an accent or worn head to toe like the fellow above, wearing red is a great way to make a statement and stand out against the crowd.

  • Wow, head to toe is quite a statement. I do like the pairing with the coat though. He makes me smile.

  • Now that's suga' sharp! Love his pose too!

    And where is he off to?

  • I LOVE this blog! I found it through the NYT article. I haven't looked at all the photos yet, but I'm surprised at not seeing any black women yet. In the small and medium sized towns I've lived in, there are always wonderfully dressed black women of a certain age.

  • A friend just turned me on to your wonderful blog. One thing I always notice when I'm in NYC is that New Yorkers of all ages have an advanced sense of style. But it's very, very cool that your blog shows that style has no age limits.

  • I just discovered your blog thanks to a friend's suggestion and I needed to say it's realy lovely:) Excited to see some more, sending you sun from Rome,

  • Anonymous

    A friend had told me about this wonderful blog/site. I am totally fasinated and everyday check to see what has been posted. A group of us of a certain age love to make a statement of class and attitude without saying a word.

  • it's great to take pictures of old New Yorkers they are so elegant and so young!
    it's one of the first thing I notice when I arrived in New York three years ago

  • it's great to take pictures of old New Yorkers,
    they are so elegant and so young!

  • I would describe that outfit as "so pimp its ridiculous." That's the highest compliment any style can get from me, btw.
    sex, drugs and roller skates

  • Red is very popular up here in Canada at the moment too, but just as a "flash" accessory. This gent wears it beautifully.

  • Found your blog via New York Times and I am so happy! Style is in our genes but surely it can grow with life, reading, observing, listening,expressing yourself.
    What an inspirational blog.

  • FABULOUS. a kind of african 'sapeur'. well done!

  • I found his brother in Tokyo, and I wanted to share the photo.


  • What a dapper gent!