Museum Style

I saw this gentleman outside of MoMA and I asked him if I could take a quick photo. He was very charming and a great model as well.I told him that I loved his hat and that when I was a kid I used to sneak into my grandfather’s closet and steal all of his old hats and walk around the neighborhood feeling very distinguished. I love hats to this day!

  • Like his checked jacket too – and the raincoat.

  • I am sure you made his day! thanks.

  • I know how you feel about hats! They really do make an outfit a little more distinguished. I had just posted about hats on our seniors fashion blog when I came across yours! Check it out, great minds think alike.

  • One thing I love about vintage styles as well as older gentlemen is the use of hats. I remember finding all these old pictures of my late great grand-dad years ago and thinking he had to have been my most elegant relative ever because he always had on hats. good work!

  • Actually, I felt sad when I saw this pic as he reminds me so much of my dad (who passed away in 1976). What a lovely man and I love his choice of neutral textures. Just beautiful!

  • Wow, I found myself dreaming that all the boys would dress up like that nowadays..