The Next Level

I passed by this astonishingly beautiful woman in Tribeca the other day and was left breathless after snapping a few shots Its people like her, who take risks and wear what they love that inspire me everyday.

  • What an interesting coat. It looks like it came off a runway

  • Anonymous

    Oh my oh my. What an amazing garment. I need to work out whether that is simply textured looking textile or real tiny pleats. Love the sleeves, matching bag etc.

    I suspect my head would get cold at this time of year, but if/when without hair it looks like a stylish option to be considered.

  • Suella

    Ari, now that I have studied your photographs, I can see the tiny pleats clearly. Did you talk to her about what she is wearing? I'd love to know more. Can you tell us?

    Could it be Issy Miyake? (Spelling?)

    The construction is quite unusual. I wonder if this is a woman who is someway in fashion creatively and has planned and made this herself out of a fabric I would live to be able to get.

  • That cloak could go straight to Star Wars…
    That means, I really love how extraordinary it is. 🙂

    (I believe I haven't commented yet, but I've already been following this blog for several months, I think, and it keeps inspiring me, too. Especially inspired me to look out for advanced style. But I haven't gathered the courage to ask anyone for a photo yet…)

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Just. WOW.

    She looks like a Bene Gesserit who stepped off the shuttle from Arakis.

    I want to *be* her.

  • Very striking. Is she head-to-toe Issey Miyake?

  • She is breathtaking.

  • "Astonishingly beautiful" is a most apt description I'm still trying to figure out the actual construction of this item of clothing (I have to word for it). Outerwear? What, exactly besides "astonishingly beautiful"?

  • Mim

    Elegant. You were lucky she crossed your path.

  • These tribeca images of this fabulous woman are so inspiring. She IS astonishingly beautiful.
    Thank YOU Ari for your great eye and great work!

  • Hola! me gusta este blog y paso por aquí de vez en cuando, y que decir de este abrigo, parece tan cool como la mujer que lo lleva puesto.
    Un saludo.

  • w

  • That texture is amazing! WOW!

  • It is a bit of a Star Wars look.

    I hope the head/hair treatment was voluntary and not from something medical.

  • She is just awe-inspiring–her style is so modern but so elegant. I can't begin to describe how much I love the coat/skirt/dress layers she is wearing (and the attached knapsack).
    She makes all the 20-somethings in their Ugg Boots, leggings and leather jackets who think they are "all that" look like yesterday's lunch.

  • Oh. My. How incredible is she? I will be in NY in May and I'll be looking around me completely differently than before. She is stunning.

  • Utterly inspiring. Beautiful – different – and inspite of ( or because of??) the lack of hair very feminine.
    I love the way the fabric drapes – and it looks like something Fortuny could have designed if he lived NOW.
    kind regards, Martina


  • OMG!! I wanne be like her when I grow up. I mean, Miyake coat and backpack with silver cropped hair and large sunglasses?? Amazing.

  • love the blog!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think the outfit is by
    Issey Miyake Pleats Please

  • Incredible. Just….incredible!

  • renee

    This woman is k i l l i n' this outfit. Gives 50+ women permission to wear stylish clothing. Oh yeah, love the eyewear!

  • Maureen

    I love all the pictures except the last one. The woman is very beautful with excellent posture (a requirement for unstructured clothes) However, the bottom half of her outfit doesn't work that well. I'm not sure how what would look better there.

  • Yum.

  • Anonymous

    his is fabulous. You should post it to Pleat Farm.

  • Issey Miyake…beautiful!

  • Oh. My. God. She's sensational! I hope you see her again — I'd love to see what else she comes up with.

  • I fully concur with Maureen regarding the lower half of the outfit (and I'm sure it IS IM). The top half of the outfit and the woman are sensational.

  • Anonymous

    Loved these pictures. Just finished chemo and it made me want to pull off my wig and go out and walk. It shows how you can always look great no matter what.

  • -h


  • Tash

    stunning stylish