Red On Madison Ave

This woman was walking down Madison Ave in her chic red blazer, a color that has been very popular among the advanced style set lately. I can’t wait to go out and take some photos this week, and see people in their Spring colors!

  • wow… she looks very charming.. the red is just balanced right, not too esagerated and yet not too shy. JUST A FINE MIX OF CLASSYNES AND FASHION.

  • I agree re: red. My very stylish, late grandmother-in-law swore by this color.
    This lady's scarf, hat and sunglasses are so chic w/ the red blazer.

  • It's all fabulous…I love this creativity! Great style and the art of living life well. Congratulations to you, I found "Advanced Style" via a front page feature about your blog on Canada's national paper The Globe and Mail. You're on my list of blogs to read. Great photos, too.

  • sandra

    yes she looks great…its a wonder people let you take these pictures…how many of them state they also have internet access and want to see themselves?

  • ari

    Hi Sandra,
    Many of them do have internet and they do give me feedback about the site. I try and photograph people who embrace aging and they seem to be interested in my project! Hope you enjoy it as well.


  • Love the accessories as well as the blazer.

  • Ari – I read an article on "Huffington Post" about "advanced style" and now you are on my "bookmarks". I check your blog everyday now. Fabulous – please keep up the good work!

  • Love your blog and the red jacket inspired me to comment. Red is so bold and confident. And I'm impressed to see how much it recurs on your blog. Thank you for such an inspirational site…

  • Anonymous

    Spell check for Cafe: "classiness" and "exaggerated."

  • I saw your work featured on Huff Post and was inspired to bookmark your site. I am delighted to see the stylishness of older people celebrated on your web page. In our society, it seems that anyone over 25 is not worth looking at. This puts the lie to that notion.

    Thank you-Anne