Shoe In

My grandmother always told me you can go without other things but you must have good shoes. This is especially true in New York where we walk everywhere. The Advanced Style set knows how to accessorize from head to toe!

  • I completely agree! There's nothing like a great pair (and expensive) of shoes to look forward to walking in everyday. It's a very key aspect of any wardrobe, the perfect shoe.

  • Beacause of these ladies I have told myself no more black shoes! (unless they are amazing and the price is right).

    I wish I could meet all of them. Thanks for giving us a peak into their lives.

  • I have a seen ur work its realy appreciated.its very beneficial for me.its full of filled with information.
    I hope other people will gain things from here.

  • We are doing ok here on the other coast. Often I'll decide on which shoes to wear and then build up from there. A "shoe-centric" philosophy.

  • i live through my feet. they need comfort AND wild beauty!

  • I love that lady in the upper left – mary wales loomis. I got started in shoemaking with her book. Check her out!

  • I just got a pair of those Bass saddle shoes -second row from bottom far right.

    I like that the toe is narrower than the exaggerated Steve Maddens I was considering. They're cut low towards the ankle and will go with pants or skirts. So many of the heavy leather oxfords had reviews that mentioned a break-in period. These were good straight out of the box.

    I thought I was ordering wine colored toes with a blue saddle, but when they arrived it was a teal toe with a brown saddle. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

  • Happy Feet :)))