Advanced Style Video: Debra and Tziporah on The Healing Power of Style

[Video By Lina Plioplyte for Advanced Style]

The other day I talked briefly about The Healing Power Of Style and how style and dressing up can be used to elevate the spirit. Debra and Tziporah feel that through self expression and the art of dressing up they are bringing joy to themselves and others around them. Debra always says that Fashion is fun and that creativity is healing. My mom and grandmother always encouraged me to express myself and be creative and Debra and Tziporah inspire me to continue to live a life filled with art, beauty and self expression. I hope they inspire you as well. Remember you can email Debra at . Not only is she a fabulous artist but an amazing Reflexologist as well!

  • Hello Ari!
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    Bye and… good luck!


    Alessandra Cicalini

  • Great Video – Prosit to the movie-maker. YOu balanced it all out really well & the ladies came out shining. I love their vibrancy & verve. We all need some of that sometime!!! Have a lovely colourful Easter.

  • Love the video, Ari!

  • This really brightened my day 🙂

  • Yes!
    Thank you, ladies and Ari.

  • sandra

    oh no…I'm gasping: I just loved this video and you two certainly brought joy to my life this morning. Thanks Ari for sharing this…wow! why can't we get this stuff on television???

  • Great video! Tziporah and Debra are such fabulously stylish and creative women. My dream gift for my 50th birthday would be to have tea with those two!

  • ari

    Come to New York we will make it happen!


  • Anonymous

    Debra, You put a smile on my face on this otherwise heavy Friday.
    Bejinhos. Carole

  • as Coco Chanel once said, Clothes can be bought, style one must possess – your blog is so cool and once you have style, it never goes away!!

  • These two fabulous ladies are really what fashion is all about; artistically expressing yourself through dress.

    It's hard to stay grounded working in the fashion industry so when I see people like this, it renews my love for the art.
    It also validates my decision to stay in this completely insane industry.

    Thx for posting!

    Sher @ FA

  • I have been waiting my entire life to see this. I am going to write this down and keep it with me whenever someone disses style as superficial or materialistic. All 3 of your moms deserve some major props here. I am posting this on my blog. Pink hair forever!!!!
    melina bee

  • excellent video very insightful

  • just discovered this blog today and am kinda sad that my grandma won't be featured here anymore cos she passed last year.

    again am a fan!

    I am Denise Katipunera

  • Hey, Thanks for sharing this. I would like to tell you, This topic is extremely wonderful.

    I am looking for this from a long time. Thank you for this again.

    Rajnish Kumar

  • I adore these two and their creative approach to dressing. So glad to see the video!

  • Great video. I couldn't agree more with their message: authentic self-expression IS healing and makes the world a more beautiful place.

  • Great to see you, Debra and Tziporah, in this delightful format. Congrats to both of you!
    You reminded me to dress up more.

  • Anonymous

    This is Life affirming.

  • Wow; thanks guys; I have found at last, some older ladies like myself, with a great sense of fashion. I shall now look at my wardrobe and clothes choices with new eyes! KUTGW (keep up the good work…) Lou.