A Flower In The Hat

I met Vicky at The New Museum the other day and asked if I could take her photo. When I was young my grandma and I used to watch My Fair Lady over and over.Vicky’s charming white gloves and flower in her hat not only reminded me of the film but were the perfect accessories for a lovely Spring day. Vicky emailed me later that day and wrote,”Even when I was young I loved to check out all generations of women and men who dressed a little different from the average Joe. If you’re a visual person it’s simply a luscious treat to see this form of live art…. in motion.

  • love eccentric older ladies, they're so much fun, and i adore their style!!!




  • Lovely photograph and what a creative individual! I hope I'm that creative still when I'm older. Your pictures really are inspirational, they make me think of my late grandmother and her huge collection of leather gloves. <3


  • MiA

    haha, thats just so cute! Love the hat 🙂


  • Meg

    She's beautiful, nice work

  • great hat and look! thumbs up !!

  • Lovely! I have always tried to dress with a surprise element – just one, as it's what gets an otherwise simple or chic look noticed. This lady knows all about surprise elements. She looks fabulous.

  • Totally dandy!!! Love it.


  • I think I might know that sexy Lady