Helga The Queen Of Charm

When Smilla first sent me photos of Helga, ” The Queen of Charm” I was awe struck by her beauty and style. I couldn’t wait til she’d have the opportunity to interview and visit the home of this fascinating lady.

Smilla writes,”On Friday I visited her; The lady of the block. Planned since a long time it finally came true, and I definitely can say that one visit won’t be enough to explore the world of this extraordinary women. She told me many things and showed me quite a lot. We talked about this and that and the other, and than we came back to the beginning.

Please check out Smilla’s Post for some more information on Helga:


  • I love the way she usess brooches & pins with all her head gear. When I'm old I'm going to do just that.

  • Her way of putting accessories together is so innovative and joyful! Love Miss Helga.

  • She has an old-world chic that's very eye-catching!

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  • Another delightful woman who makes Middle Age seem a mere prelude to all the great stuff there is to be enjoyed!