Jacquie Tajah Murdock

I was so lucky to meet Legendary Apollo Theater Jazz Dancer Jacquie Tajah Murdock while walking near Union Square today. This gorgeous woman,turning 80 this year, talked to me about the importance of education and staying active. She also mentioned that she’d love to be featured on The Tyra Banks to show that style is ageless.

  • SHE IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! What an inspiration!

  • I love her, she's beautiful. I know Tyra would too. xx

  • You can just tell she's got a vibrant, youthful attitude… her body and fashion are so expressive. Forget Tyra, Oprah oughta do a show on her!

  • wow, amazing! loving that tweed!

  • She is amazing.

  • She really does prove that style is ageless. I love her Chanel-esque jacket. Beautiful!


  • so incredibly stylish! amazing!



  • Mim

    What upright posture, a beautiful line and commanding presence.

  • Anonymous

    Now this woman is stylish!!! Too much Debra and Tziporah (as creative and expressive as they are) and not enough Jacquie!

  • Her posture is sublime! She's so graceful.

  • dancer — the legendary apollo — this woman rocks regal, elegance and class big time!

  • Gorgeous!

  • rmg

    ^^^this right here! You can tell by how she carries herself that she's awesome!!!! Thanks!

  • gingerB

    Love it!

    I particularly like the pants/stocking/shoe. It's trim and graceful.

  • sandra

    Perhaps being on this blog will enable her to see Tyra. Off to Tyra's website to recommend her.
    She's a doll!

  • evalyn

    I love these women who know that beauty is the whole body, the entire look, the attitude, the confidence. It's not just makeup or hair or shoes, it's everything. Jacquie is gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, she looks great!!! So vital!

  • Suella

    Great woman, great jacket!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing! Love her jacket. I hope to look that good at 80. 🙂

  • Forget Tyra, or Oprah, she oughta have her own show.

  • Tash

    She's beautiful