Looking Fine Rain or Shine

[Photo and Text Ari Seth Cohen]

Debra has been in California for a few weeks and we met up today and decided to dress up for the rainy weather. Who says you can’t have fun and look fantastic in the rain. The great thing about Debra is that most of her fabulous wardrobe is either “Thrifted or Gifted”. She always looks like a million bucks but has set a rule for herself not to spend over 5 dollars on any item. Once a year she may splurge on something more expensive, but she follows her rule pretty strictly. The outfit she wore for these photos was a jacket dress given to her by a friend in California and an old belt ties around her head for added dramatic effect! If you have any questions about Debra’s mantra “Frugality is Fun” or if you are looking for a great licensed Reflexologist email her at:


  • I love when you post about Debra and I did not know about her thrifted/gifted rule but no wonder I like her so much. The belt actually looks totally amazing– at first I thought it was middle eastern fabric/yarn diyed to be a headpiece. melina bee

  • Suella

    Wonderful, wonderful coat. And for $5??? Truly amaaaazing.

    I love the belt. Worn anywhere, but as a diadem/crown it is stunning.

    More Debra please. I find her extremely inspirational.

    I wish we had such inexpensive places to get such exciting clothes and accessories here in the UK.

    Envious Sighs….

  • That coat looks stunning on Debra–she can carry off the most dramatic looks! She looks like an empress from some exotic country.

  • Debra, you are too lovely!
    Thank you for this exquisite gesture ladylike of solidarity! You look amazing! Amore!

  • I continue to be inspired by this incredible woman. I didn't realize she was such a pro at the "thrifted and gifted" concept. So impressive.

  • Sue

    The coat is fantastic. Debra looks regal, quirky and dramatic all at once. Love it!

  • Wish I had known she was in CA–some day I would love to meet her! What an inspiration…

  • sandra

    Debra looks so sharp! She makes me want to go to Art and Design school. I wish I could pull off looks like this? Thank you Debra.

    "Without frugality none can be rich, and with it very few would be poor.”…samuel johnson…

  • Anonymous

    Love the look, love the mantra. She's totally got 'it'!!!

  • I KNEW of Debra's creativity and verve, but don't remember hearing of her Frugality Mantra! I "love" it, too!

  • Thrifting is how I support my art quilting habit, and now Deborah has given me inspiration for being stylish as I'm saging!

    Sharon at e14studio

  • I think Debra's most Stylish gift is her brain! Brava, chica! xxoo

  • Amazing!

  • Anonymous

    she looks like a queen
    of mars