Marilyn Sokol: Forever Plaid

I met Marilyn Sokol while walking through Soho. She way on her way back from a rehearsal for a film and it turns out that she is is an Emmy Award winning actress, accomplished singer,comedienne, and teacher. I was immediately drawn to her vibrant outfit and even more to her shining personality.
  • how wonderful!! First of all, yes! Plaid forever and ever! That and cat's eye glasses! Great attitude and smile too, she definitely knows how to work a sidewalk into a catwalk.

  • She is so cute! I love her mixture of patterns. I wouldn't wear it but it's fun to see others who wear it well!

  • Totally bold and fearless. Love it! Especially her warm smile.

  • Oh, I know who she is. She's been in everything. She always had dark – black – hair. It's so beautiful and silver, now. She's obviously having a ball!

  • Woo Hoo!
    What exuberance!
    What joy!

  • Wow! She looks like a character! Love the outfit, as usual!

  • Hi, I'm new to blogging and just discovered this. I love it! It's great to see the flair these women style themselves with.

  • BOmbshell! Stunning lady – love those specs she's got on – remind me of the ones my granny used to wear – & hers were not sunglasses.

  • What fun! It's so cool how she's mixed the plaid patterns and coat, using color to unify.

  • Mim


  • yes.. love her hair, but the most beautiful is her inner glow!

  • evalyn

    What spirit! She's beautiful. I wish I had half the moxie she displays.

  • She's RADIANT! xxoo

  • She's RADIANT! xxoo

  • Carla

    YES!! RADIANT!! Perfect word!! Wonderful role model!! Thanks for sharing Marilyn with us!!

  • What a lot of FUN she is to be sure. Love the plaid! This woman is so adventurous, you can just tell 🙂