I met Maryann at The New Museum and we made a date for me to come visit her home to take some more photos. She is a wonderful self taught artist, who really started concentrating on her craft in the last few years after selling her business. Maryann, like many other people feature makes beautiful things and dresses up because it lifts her spirit and makes her happy. I will post some more pictures of Maryann and her story in a later post!

  • I LOVE the piece in that last picture! What a great aesthetic she has!

  • What a gorgeous necklace selection. I love the one with the watch on it. Does she make those? Are they for sale?

  • her accessories are beyond incredible!!!!!!



  • I live for this blog so seriously.
    Maryann, sssssoooo rock n'roll. I love her necklaces– they are like charm bracelets that have taken steroids and acid (that is how I like all my accessories).
    Thank you Ari!
    melina bee

  • sandra

    Confidence and style in capital letters. Can't wait to see some of your jewels.Fantastic!

  • She looks amazing!

  • Definitely looking forward to more photos of this incredibly cool woman. I love her outfit in the first photo, especially the gold chain necklace/vest and her rock n roll boots. The necklace she's holding in the last photo is a crazy bold statement piece–love it!

  • Wow, her look, her jewelery, both very inspiring…can't wait for more!

  • I love her shoes, Chloe isn't it ?

  • how cool is this lady?? she's ultra-hip.

  • I am swooning over her look, the jewelry, leather pants, all of it!!

  • she just looks fun to hang around! wonderful style!

  • I honestly love every single subject you have photographed for this blog–they are each utterly inspiring in as many different ways as there are people. Thank you. Maryann in this ensemble is one of my favorites. Such beauty.

  • Such talent, thank you for sharing!

  • MEL

    the necklace ist just… omg…. so beautiful!

  • I want that necklace!

  • Kristen

    Does she sell her necklaces anywhere online!? I must must must have one!

  • Chloe studded-booties… aaahhh!! LOVE those shoes, featured them on my blog under winter "lusts" (shoe issue) – I want-want-want them!!!