Advanced Style Profile: Jenny Hirschowitz Inspired by Vintage Dior

[Photos and Text Ari Seth Cohen]

The first day I met Jenny at The New Museum she made a great impression on me. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met and has a grace about her that seems to be carried over from a more romantic era. A mix of vulnerability, strength, mystery, and charm, she is always a joy to be around.

Jenny, like many of the people featured on Advanced Style, takes style cues from the past but personalizes them with current trends by mixing high and low, vintage and new, and always staying true to “Jenny.” Her reference points are 1950s Dior , Madame Butterfly, her mother(a ballerina), and Tippi Hedren dressed by Edith Head–“The Ultimate” in style. Check out some of the photos I have taken of Jenny over the past few months mixed with some Vintage Dior and Hitchcock stills!

  • An inspiration as ever.
    Every day I look forward to your post. And you never let me down.
    Estupendo trabajo. Mil gracias.

  • wow – she's breathtaking

  • Was she a model?

  • Mim

    She's a stunner!

  • she is stunning!

  • Anonymous

    Image #21 is a mirror image of Maayan. Wonderful photo exhibit and such a graceful woman. I love her up-do's with the printed hairbands.

  • Anonymous


    As I age, I look for inspiration, but ultimately only find a culture extolling mostly youth. A conversation with a man or woman who have lived decades, known change, private and political, the rugged terrain of love and loss, have too much to teach. I came across this quote by Dorothy Sayers today: "Time and trouble will tame an advanced young woman, but an andvanced old woman is uncontrollable by any earthly force." For capturing these forces, I thank you.

  • Wow. Stunning, gorgeous, breathtaking etc.

  • sandra

    These classic items are certainly her style and she looks like she may be or have been a model herself. She is beautiful and has wonderful taste…

    That said, what is interesting to me is that for many boomers the styles she wears is what many of us were encouraged to emulate. And for many of us we became entrenched in classics and did not learn how to adapt them to these changing times and new body shapes and personal lifestyle challenges;

    What I've found is the difficulty in just classic style often feeling I'm boring or look matronly. And I've in some way have moved beyond "classics" as it doesn't quite fit my lifestye. I found I could pull this look off when I was smaller in size unlike today. I can remember so many people just "dying" (physically in some cases) to be reed thin so they could wear these fashions. Even the fashion industry, until recently, has been resistant to making classics for the average size woman.

    The challenge for me today,with a limited budget, weight and disability issues is to express myself tastefully but have fun with fashion also. I want to express myself and dress for self fulfillment and not be so concerned about what others think. I love this blog because you present many different styles and that has been missing so long in the industry. I find it fascinating watching different women express themselves in myriad colors and styles and expressing their interests and yet being just as graceful and elegant as the woman featured today.

    Thanks to all the women and men on this blog who have dared to be different and unique.

  • Jenny, Jenny, Jenny… her beauty and poise are almost surreal. So deeply inspiring.

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful as always. I have one "trivia" question: when is Jenny's birthday? She looks like a classic Pisces. Just curious.

  • I really like the pictures you've drawn

  • i only have one word for this- ELEGANCE

  • I love your insightful comments, Sandra.

  • Gorgeous! Reminds me of my Aunt Laura. I also appreciate what Sandra said! xxoo P

  • How wonderful to see a woman who is all elegance and show her beauty through her style. Too much media is focussed on young girls in couture who are simply underweight, grumpy and generally unappealling advertising for the clothing they are sacked up in. Style is all about this lady, not simply in being youthful.

  • She is such a beautiful stylish woman. She has iconic style. Thanks for sharing her with us. What a delicious inspiration!

  • Anonymous

    Jenny – I simply love, love, LOVE your style. You are the perfect example of an ingenue who has aged beautifully and gracefully.

  • i just LOVE vintage dior!!!


  • What a breath~taking woman…she has an aura that is so mysterious & intriguing…the Dior/Hitchcock connection is wonderful.
    This made my day.
    Thank you.

  • notsurebut

    these pictures stopped me in my tracks what an arrestingly beautiful woman,

  • beautiful woman….einfach wundervoll….

  • Tee

    the most recent outtake of Jenny on your blog prompted me to search for more. This is a glorious collection of photos and her beauty is breathtaking. I don't have adequate adjectives this morning. Beautiful seems a weak descriptor for her lovliness.