The Advanced Style “Thrifted & Gifted” Contest Announced!

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You heard it right! We’re offering all of you an opportunity to thrift shop with one of the best! Our very own Debra Rapoport is offering her genius to one lucky winner in New York City…

Our dream is to one day fly anyone to New York from San Francisco to Timbuktu, but for now our contest is offering Debra’s expertise (worth a million, as far as we are concerned) and a modest sum of cash to spend at Debra’s favorite thrift shop Housingworks.

We named this offer our “Thrifted & Gifted” Contest after Debra’s mantra to only wear items that are are acquired as such. She believes that the more you play with clothes and the more you dress up, the better you will feel… no matter what age.
The idea that clothing should be FUN and not precious is something we can all get behind!

Debra can’t wait to receive all your submissions… she’s the one and only judge of this contest, so she’ll be picking the winner!


1. Choose your favorite posting on Advanced Style blog and tell us why it inspires you
2. Tell us what you would like to learn about expressing personal style
3. No age limit
4. Send us your name, age, location, and contact info

Make sure to get all your mail in to her by WEDNESDAY, MAY 26:

Winner will be announced Wednesday, June 2.

Good Luck!

  • GAH!! WISH I were in NY…

  • Diane

    Been thrifting most of my life, but in this video, Debra inspires me to look beyond the obvious. Thanks for this great post and will look forward to reading about the outcome of the contest!

  • Suella

    Alas I live in England, but perhaps could travel should I be lucky… My submission, or my photo of my submission, will be a jacket made up from…. Wait and see!
    I doubt it will be as creative as Debra's special pieces. I'll have to design some admornment to go with it.


    I don't know what the rules of this competition are yet, but will no doubt find out.

  • lyrebirdgully

    Aw, i so wish i was in New York too! the video of Debra is delightful, I'd love to see more videos of her.

  • SHE is awesome! Great video.

  • Gail Nottie Nits Abramo

    I sent in my submission…. now the waiting 😉

  • Oh my…this woman is amazing! Absolutely loved the video and have been re-inspired in my thrifting endeavors. With out a doubt it is my sport of choice!

    Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you post more videos similar to this one in the future.

  • Effervescent Spirit!!!! Watching Debra in this video is positively renewing. I feel *sparked* and eager to thrift, discovering new ideas that visually call to me.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!



  • A four minute clip & this gorgeous woman has got me spellbound! She's awesome, I could watch her thrifting for hours! Such great, innovative styling tips too.
    I now also feel a great urge to chop all my hair off, bleach it & hit the colourful dye! INSPIRATIONAL!

  • What a wonderful little video……i am inspired to go out thrifting! Deborah is absolutely delightful!

    Love, violette