How To Dress With Charm

[Photos and Text Ari Seth Cohen]

I ran into this charming woman on 5th Ave and realized that I had seen her somewhere before. While going through my archives I found another photo I’d taken of her on Madison Ave over a year ago! She has a wonderful sense of personal style that is both elegant and classic.

  • great color combo…and the pretty gloves! i wish gloves were worn more often- for style as seen here (not necessarily for warmth).

  • Such elegance! I really get a lift from seeing these elders and their incredible sense of color, style and showing the world who they are with abandon.

  • I love your blog. Tomorrow, I will link your blog in a post on my blog

  • I absolutely love the way you've captured the fantastic style of the generation that has the REAL understanding of proper grooming!! Great insight!

  • A friend recently pontificated on her blog how best to go into her retirement and her next years still making her children and her husband proud. Her comments were about so much more than appearances, but I led her to your site none the less.

    She is in love with it, as am I. Today I have matched my socks with my bright orange neck art, and feel a million dollars.

  • Anonymous

    Lovely lady!

  • sandra

    I love how each person on the blog has a "different style" which reflects their individuality. At the end of the day, do we all want to dress and look alike??? Not

  • oh, my goodness, that first bag is outstanding.

  • I want to look like this when I am her age. What an elegant woman. She is so unique, too!

    Just came across your blog. It is lovely!

  • Love the gloves!

    I have photos of my small upstate town from the 1930's and 40's… one of the things that really struck me is how dressed the women were whenever they left the house. Hats and gloves were always worn- at least by respectable women;-) Wonder how many odd looks I'd get if I started wearing gloves and a hat whenever I ventured out to… W*lmart, for example!

  • this lady is a classic in every way… she's also charming and gracious. she makes my social manners sit up straight! i see her on my bus a couple of times a week (we compare hats) and she is always a treat for the eyes and spirit.