A Shaded View On Advanced Style

[Photos and Text by Ari Seth Cohen]

When I’m photographing people they often ask if I’d prefer to see them with or without their sunglasses. With summer approaching, one of my favorite hobbies is to to check out the eyewear on the Advanced Stylistas because with years of collecting, naturally they have the upper hand. They wear everything from vintage Gucci to five-dollar pairs picked up on St.Mark’s. It is the confidence and personal style that they bring to each pair that truly makes them look chic–and as hip as any twenty-year-old fashionista.

Which do you prefer, with or without shades?

  • Ari, the eyewear is all amazing! I especially love the bird in the indigo suit. Très chic!


  • mispapelicos.blogspot.com

    I like them all, but specialy the first lady´s earrings, sunglasses and purse. Wow, love them. The mixture of tartan a patten flower of the look alike "Duquesa de Alba" are to die for. And I shall copy.
    Come and visit my blog, if we don´t visit each other, who will???
    Sacramento Andalucía- Spain

  • In the case of these women, their shades are all so different, and so funky that I'd have to say I prefer the photos with the sunglasses. It's another aspect of their individual style!

  • with!

  • With or w/out shades- either is fine.

    Nice line-up of pics. Some I don't remember seeing before. They're all wonderful.

  • I like the edgy taste in shades.

  • Diane

    the glasses add one more element of pizzazz! Oh my, now I must re-think my eyewear! Fun stuff…love these women.

  • I think along with the pizzaz, the shades add mystery and ironically the wearer becomes more visible even though she may be "hiding" behind dark glasses.
    I love 'em.

  • Love it! Gonna post some on our blog. I was just riding up the elevator at Bergdorf Yesterday and saw the most amazing woman wearing vintage cartier frames from the early 1980s. They were delightful.

  • Suella

    I'd like to see both please. The eyes are what show the personality of the individual. The sunglasses show the style.

  • These women are fabulous!
    Style is ageless, isn't it?
    Love the cat eyes sunglasses.