The “Thrifted & Gifted Contest” Submissions

nail polish from Forever 21[Photos: Ari Seth Cohen]

Debra has been receiving so many great submissions for our “Thrifted &Gifted Contest. Not only is she super excited to read through all of your emails, but is anticipating picking the big winner as well. I took some photos of Debra as she was reading through contest submissions this evening. You should also check out her very own page(which you kind find on the sidebar) for daily updates and words of inspiration.Remember to comment!!! Just a reminder the rules for the contest are as follows:


1. Choose your favorite posting on Advanced Style blog and tell us why it inspires you
2. Tell us what you would like to learn about expressing personal style
3. No age limit
4. Send us your name, age, location, and contact info

Make sure to get all your mail in to her by WEDNESDAY, MAY 26:

Winner will be announced Wednesday, June 2.

  • I live in the south of Spain, so I am out. Nevertheless, I do adore your blog and every about it.
    Debra is an inspration an so are the many people who, with treir way they dress, are saying that age is just a number.
    My blog is young, I am not so young myself, but full of passion for beautiful things.

  • sandra

    Oh my …Debra you are lookin good…I love your hair, makeup, style, fashion….well, I love it all. You are such an inspiration: fun at the computer!

  • And Debra, if I win, I can also take YOU out to buy a new computer dearie! Some things are better is they aren't vintage! 🙂 Your dress rocks though…

  • Lulu

    Ask Debra what polish she's wearing — I've been looking for the perfect turquoise for summer!

  • Pamela

    Debra, You and I are soul mates. I use to be a window dresser before I was a mom. My Grandmother was a seamstress, mom was a model as was my sister. Style is in my blood but thrifting is my hobby. I want to be you in maybe another 5 years. You look fabulous and have the perfect sensiblity. Bravo!

  • Good Day, Debra! Your outfit is wonderful! xxoo Patty

  • lyrebirdgully

    Lord have mercy, why aren't I wearing my diamontes and an evening gown as I sit here this evening at my computer, like you are Debra? you are giving me SUCH ideas….perhaps i will give away my track pants and start dressing up at home like you. Thanks for letting us see your wonderful aesthetic, Debra!

  • Debra

    The green nail polish is from FOREVER 21…there are so many great colors. And very affordable!