A Visit From Marilyn Sokol

[Photos and Text Ari Seth Cohen]

Marilyn Sokol, looking fabulous as ever, stopped by The New Museum today for a quick chat. We went for a little walk by Freeman’s Alley where I decided to snap some photos of her. I asked her what influences her colorful style and she told me, ” When you are an actress everyday you express a different part of yourself. When I really started wearing color is when I let my hair go gray.” She also told me that she is always looking, whether it be in shop windows on Madison Ave or at street fashion trends, she always has her eye out.

  • Mim

    A frisky woman!

  • grey hair colourful clothes
    of course
    and it works a real treat

  • I love how older women can still prance about and flaunt their clothes. It breathes so much life into younger generations perceptions of the elderly!!

  • Diane

    Marilyn…you look fabulous! Love the hair and the earrings, the dress, the tights. I am learning how to let go and have more a little more fun with dressing up from this site…rather than worry in the back of my mind if this is too much. Throw some caution to the wind!

  • MiA

    Haha! she is so cool!!!! sparkling of confidence, and you just gotta looove that!


  • love her style, love her attitude. she seems like lots of laughs and spontaneity. I really appreciate her comment about gray hair and wearing color. I love to wear color and was told once that I wasn't supposed to once reaching a certain age. what lies!

  • As I said before, she's been in EV-erything, done so much wonderful work on stage and on screen. And she's never looked better! She's really just blossomed – must be the hair – and really found her own personal beauty! Bravo!


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  • sandra

    ohhhhh….loving this! what a personality and style…

  • Ang

    She is so inspiring and colorful! Gorgeous!

  • YOu do meet the most colourful people. I envy you!

  • Tash

    what juicy, vivid colours

  • Zee

    I love her liveliness and color she exudes through her clothes. Luv it!