Advanced Style Inspiration

[Photographs from Dazed and Confused by Matt Irwin Models:Beryl Nesbitt & Anne Fletcher ]
I fell in love with this editorial published in ” Dazed and Confused” a while back and wanted to share it here. Advanced Style embodies the spirit of playfulness and having fun with fashion . Personal style is a creative form of expression that can keep people youthful and vital. Not only is age not an excuse not to dress up anymore, it is the exact opposite. People like Ilona,Debra,Tziporah,Maryann and all of the other fantastic advanced stylistas feel that age has allowed them to become more free and express themselves without seeking approval from others. Years of experience have helped to shape their ideas about style and creativity and with age these ideas continue to advance and transform!
  • Your fashion ladies and gents make me SOOOO giddy–I love them!!! So inspiring and uplifting, in an age where we are constantly told we don't measure up to the elite… Beauty, style and the joys of creativity grace the presence of those who embrace, cherish, and fearlessly share them, not the other way around.

  • I completely agree with you.Age is a number and style is for ever…
    Expressing yourself through clothes is like painting or any other form of art. At least it is for me. A very interesting post, as ever.
    Un abrazo siempre.

  • oh!!!! I love your blog! The photograpies are really great!

  • absolutely love this!

  • Anonymous

    Never a dull moment on your blog! Love it, love it, love it!

    Your fan in Van.

  • Thanks for posting. These ladies have guts and style, which is the best combination.

  • OH I love the OUTRAGEOUSNESS of these DAMES! YES…let's go for it and keep it up til the END!!!! at least til 120 yrs young!

  • My lady your are so beautiful.

  • Yes, I love your blog and the wonderful models, I have definitely notched up my own wardrobe since finding these great role models.
    It's a little tougher being a touch wild in Winnipeg than in New York, but we can try!

  • love, love, LOVE! blog is great! found you on bloglovin, hope you stop by and say hello:


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    I LOVE these women – dear God, let me be doing these zany things when I am 85!! (Which,in the overall scheme of things, isn't so far off…)

  • I love your blog 🙂

  • Fabiana

    Parabéns!!!!! Ameiiii o Blog…realmente não existe idade para ser belo e fashion!!!!