Debra Chooses Our “Thrifted and Gifted” Contest Winner!

[Photos of Debra and Text by Ari Seth Cohen]
Debra Rapoport(pictured in some of her amazing outfits above) has chosen a lucky winner for the Advanced Style “Thrifted and Gifted Contest” for an afternnon of thrift store shopping and style advice! She was deeply inspired by all of your submissions and has been responding to each person individually. You can read the full winning submission from Jean on Debra’s Page located the sidebar and continue to email her for advice on fashion, food and fun @ Here is a a short excerpt from Jean’s entry:

“A few weeks ago, one very serendipitous evening, I happened upon the blog “Advanced Style” and something shifted. A spark was ignited. Could this be a soul stirring? Can a style blog be powerful enough to awaken a passion so deeply buried? Looking at all those luscious posts, the confidence and twinkling eyes,post after post of folks who were indeed GROWN UP…. My inner muse who began blossoming in the 70’s , is now an inspired woman on the thresh-hold of continuing change.”

Congratulations to Jean and Thank You to all who entered!

Ari Seth Cohen

  • Wow! She really has an amazing style! Love it!:D

    Best Regards
    Sophie from Sweden♥

  • Wow, Jean, that was great and you definitely deserve to win! Can't wait to see the photos of the shopping spree!

  • I aspire to be like this when I am old!

  • Suella

    A great entry and well deserved winner. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the fun you will have.


  • sandra

    Congratulations Jean…don't forget to share pictures?

  • sandra

    Debra you work it girl!

  • I am STILL over the moon with JOY to receive this honor! My heart is singing! Only a few minutes before midnight of the contest deadline, I chose to follow an inner prompting and write an entry. As the words spiraled onto the email, an immediate sense of relief, enthusiasm and awakening were experienced — particularly upon hitting the “send” key.

    When I first read the Advanced Style blog a few months ago, I was sparked and recognized a treasure. Reading each post feels like an invitation to come out and play, as though permission is granted to genuinely expressive creative ideas.

    And what a gift to spend time with Debra! I’m deeply thrilled to learn from her artistry and expertise.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Debra, and everyone at Advanced Style.