Silver Style

[Photos and Text Ari Seth Cohen]
I was in the middle of carrying my groceries home when I saw this amazing woman in the corner of my eye. I quickly ran to my house dropped my bags on the floor and darted out to see if I could still find this wonderful lady. I was relieved when I saw her just a few blocks ahead and I quickly made my way to to ask her for some photos. She told me that she dresses up every day, notice how she coordinates her silver nails with the buttons on her top,her glittery belt, and her sandals. She was in a hurry, just coming from the grocery store herself, but I was so glad to even have a moment of her time!
  • it's a joy and relief to see people dressing up (instead of the usual dressing "down") for whatever the day may bring. she looks fab! the hair is so cool!

    i get criticized for dressing up (in anything dressier than flip-flops and loungewear) and it bothers me, especially when i'm asked "why are you putting on nice clothes? you're only running errands." i usually ignore such remarks. i refuse to be a slob!

    thank you for featuring people who DRESS, who happen to be "of a certain age". we should all aspire to care about how we dress, whether young or old. does it really matter? i say yes- it reflects and affects how one feels about oneself, and- like it or not- how one is treated.

  • How cool is her hair colour?

  • OMG….. i love this pics….

    Great blog <3


  • Wow…check out THAT stance…the hand posturing…the indigo tresses; quel amour!

  • I love her attention to detail with the coordinating silver tones, and the unique hair colour. Why be gray when there are so many other colour options available?

  • I love her hair so much!

  • sandra

    Oh…I love silver and never saw it worn like this…thank you advanced style…

  • When I went to North & South Carolina to visit last spring, I only saw people in pants and t-shirts. Really dipressing I thought. Our friends told me That I dress as if I was going to church.
    It is a realive to see that are many american women who take the care to dress up for themselves and for others.
    About this post, and inspiration as ever. I do love the matching silver. Love, love, love it
    Un abrazo muy fuerte Maayan.
    Sacramento fron the south of Spain in Andalucía.

  • I really don't dress up when doing errands but I can't help but I admire her for doing it. The outfit indeed is nice. 🙂

  • I love her hair! It's so chic.

  • This lady ROCKS. Took my breath away.

  • Diane

    She takes our preconceived ideas of a little blue-haired old lady to a whole other place! Love it…

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  • renee

    This woman *knows* she looks good! Must. have. those. shoes.

  • I am sooo glad I found your blog – what an inspiration!

    I especially liked your "find" here, what a woman! I know one should not judge a book by its cover but the way she dresses and presents herself speaks to me about her deep confidence and sophystication as a woman – I would just love to speak to her.

    I always make an effort and get depressed seeing men and women letting themselves go – a small pension is no excuse either. Do a good deed AND glam yourself up from a charity shop! That's what I do anyway and I'm confident that I don't look like a sad old ragbag.

    Your site made my day, THANKS!