Time to Make a Splash: Packing for the Beach with Jenny

[Photos: Ari Seth Cohen, Text: Maayan Zilberman]
With just a week to go before Ari heads “across the pond” to London to set up the in-store Advanced Style project at Selfridge’s, we’re doing anything we can to endure the heat and humidity while meeting folks with Advanced Style on the streets of New York City.

Just a few days ago I joked about leaving the house in nothing but a swimsuit, then it occurred to me that perhaps I should be consulting the woman I most admire, the incredible Jenny.
She carries herself in such a way that she could be wearing a paper bag and make it feel appropriate just because it’s paired with the right shoe and scarf around her hair.

Today we decided to make an impromptu visit with Jenny to take some snapshots of her relaxing on her rooftop in her favorite swimsuit and silk sarong. She’s been wearing this same suit for decades and swears by it’s simple and durable design. She also wears it to swim laps in the pool, which we at Advanced Style ENCOURAGE… it’s excellent exercise and will help you feel great!

For many city people we often hop on the train or get in the car and go to the nearest beach when it gets to be too much. How do you pack a bag for the beach?

In Jenny’s beach bag:

  • Swimsuit
  • Sandals (Jenny loves her original Havaiana’s)
  • Sunglasses: her favorite prescription lenses from Paris
  • Summer hat (her favorite today is one she got in a vintage shop in Woodstock, NY)
  • Neutral bra (a glamorous detail I witnessed with Jenny…to carry the swimsuit look into evening, she’ll wear a bra underneath and wrap a sarong over the suit, and she’s ready for dinner!)
  • Lightweight trench-dress (throw it over the swimsuit and she has a perfect outfit for the beach-reveal!)

Of course the other givens: sunscreen, iphone, and great reading material!

  • She is stunning!! And so are you

  • Anonymous

    WOW! I love the idea of wearing the neutral bathing suit into the evening.

  • Anonymous

    Her hair is really lovely. Would love to see you do a feature on hairstyles on senior stylistas!

    Cheers from your '49-1/2 year old wanna be older' fan!!!


  • Anonymous

    Jenny- You are amazing!!!

  • Anonymous

    I'm dying to know some beauty tips from Jenny. She is so gorgeous. What's her skincare routine? Any little secrets or favorite products? Please ask her!


  • Tash

    what an elegance

  • Michelle

    What is the bathing suit and where can one get one? It is a versatile and flattering cut.

    Thanks for the inspiration yet again, Jenny and Ari.

  • Talk about fabulous at any age! this blog is amazing, I love the concept behind it!

    D e g a i n e


  • Anonymous

    Lovely as always! Yes, can we have some hair advise from Jenny, especially on how to put it up?!

  • Please do more posts on Jenny! Beauty advice, hair, fashion, diet. She is SO GORGEOUS. Love her accent too!

    More JENNY please!


  • I've been very intrigued with your blog and how it caters to the older ladies. It's given me some ideas for presents for my mum who's moving on with age and she follows you religiously since I introduced her to this site! So keep up the good work!