Advanced Style In Action

My dad documented me snapping away on the streets of London. I have met some wonderful people here while shooting for Selfridges Department Store and I wanted to give you a behind the scenes look.

  • Excellent idea. Now, we kow what you look like.

  • Whoah! Make room, Bill Cunningham! Ari, we're going to get you a cycle for tooling 'round Manhattan 🙂

    I am savoring the "armchair travels" across the Great Pond via your wonderful reports from London. Glad you and the folks are enjoying the adventure.


    ps: Great video with Regine. Love her words of wisdom!

  • brilliant x

  • but you are not even dressed up! Hip, yes, but definitely in a very subtle way…

  • Anonymous

    I agree…have you considered a loose-fitting, cool, bowling-type shirt with your name and blog written on the back? Too obvious?

    Love the glasses piece. Where can you buys stuff like that? Reminds me of the fins on the old Chevies and Plymouths! Very "Last Picture Show".

  • YES and YEA Ari!!!
    You're doing great work WHILE having FUN!!

  • Anonymous

    While in London you must look up Molly Parkin.
    Just ask anyone…they'll know her. Advanced style at its finest…