Advanced Style In London: Shopping at Selfridges

I arrived in London for my project with Selfridges and I’m having a wonderful time! This lady was coming out of the store with her grandchildren when I asked if I could take her photo.

  • Hi Ari – wow I've just noticed that you're in London. I love your blog! I'm sure you're really busy but if you have any spare time I'd love to meet up for a chat and blog about you. Please let me know what you think, I was going to email but thought this might be quicker. Maybe you could leave a message on my blog or something(?)

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,

    PS No need to post this message!

  • Mim

    Elegant woman. You caught her look.

  • I recognise those sandals with tights. They do love to be confortable.Wow London dear, dear London. if you can, do scape to the Lake district for a couple of days. It feels like you are inside a picture postcard.
    Random kindness and spanish abrazos
    My daughter is getting married on saturday, so I have plenty butterflies to share around.

  • Great composition, Ari. You aced this.
    London is in for a treat!

  • b

    I come to see you often. I have even began looking for beautiful older women to photograph. A couple of weeks ago I sat next to a lady in a countryside restaurant here in Oregon. Her friends called her Sweet Sarah! Best of all she was so complimented and her friends loved that I chose her.

    Retire in Style


  • I must admit she looks great! I never see anybody that stylish when I go there, except last week when I met some blogging friends in the Champagne Bar!

  • Great catch!! You really know how to capture the style of the older generation. Great blog!

  • Danielle

    That is a really great picture. I love the composition and look/feel of it.
    This is the first time I read your blog, I love it!
    It is good to show people you do not have to give up personal style when you get older!