Advanced Style On The Go In Italy: A Colorful Summer

Its a Summer full of color for Italian women and Advanced Style seems to be at it’s best in floral and brilliant abstract patterns. I have a lot of photos to come, but wanted to brighten up your Summer days with this colorful post!

  • Love the bolts of fabric as a collage of pattered color. I owuld want to wear all of then together!The flowing soft fabrics look perfect for the summer weather! Great to get a hit of Italy. Warms my heart!

  • barbara

    E guarda le donne, que belissimo sone!
    Italiani – sempre fanno bella figura.

    Have fun in lovely Italy, Ari.

  • Bella bella!

    I especially like the look of the chic woman in black and white. Stunning!

  • I love all the gloves in the beautiful ice-cream colours! I wish women still wore them in North America as an accessory, instead of just to keep their hands warm.

  • wished the grannys here dresses like this!

  • Women in Italy look like the ones in Spain, quite extraordinary and lovely.
    Thanks for the post.
    Now in Berlin

  • How fabulous! They look so amazing and pulled together gorgeous!
    Those gloves are amazing colors wish I could have them all!
    xo Beckerman Girls

  • Love the polka-dot lady!

  • Anonymous

    Oh!The first lady, in the retro-style fabric with the black shoulder bag!! Fabulous!!