Advanced Style On The Go In Roma: Men’s Edition

I have been running around Europe and I’ve finally arrived in beautiful Roma. After a delicious cup of gelato I hit the streets looking for Advanced Style. As I was walking around I noticed how beautifully the older men in rome dressed, even in very hot weather.Here are a few shots of Rome’s well dressed men on the go and don’t worry the ladies of rome will get their time to shine as well.

  • I want to visit Rome soo, but not in summer, too hot.
    Looking forward to seeing the womwn…
    I am of to Berlín for a month, but I shall follow you from Kreutzberg.

  • Woohoo, Ari!!

  • There mustn't be a single wife amongst this mob – for the household IRON has been long abandoned.

    Mind you, their disheveled comfort is worn with great style.


  • Liz

    I cannot believe my good luck at having found you. The truth about personal style is that one does not really have a fully developed sense of it … until one is old (er). And then it simply illuminates ones inner beauty … something too few spend their life-times working on.

    There is comfort, there is love, there is no longer any rush to get there when one is old … True style never fades, style developed over a lifetime simply enhances the life … the visage.

    I am so pleased to see this blog!

  • barbara

    Finalmente vediamo i veri signori italiani.
    Grazie tante, Ari.

  • I like the pictures of your well dressed men. I think in italy man and woman are well dressed even in summer when it was very hot. I like the hapiness of the people from who you take pictures.
    Greetings from Europe, Berlin, Germany, Susanne

  • And it seems such effortless style too.

  • what a fantastic hat and blue suit!

  • Love the white on white look! It is a look that only look right when it is broiling out but it really makes one stand out from the crowd.


  • Always in Italia we see a dignity amongst the older generation, that is sadly missing here in the US, except maybe NY of course. I am always so impressed to see the retired men sitting amongst friends, taking the sun and chatting or playing cards. They dress with a sense of decorum and style in their dark sweaters or sports coats, a nice hat. Even those of modest means set an example of elegance to the younger generation.

  • Anonymous

    Tom Jobim´s style! love it!

  • Rose

    Adorable Italian men! Married with one of them for 45 years Iam still amazed about the style and taste he dresses.

  • Love the summer suits and style!