Advanced Style Video: Live From London

My dad and I met beautiful 89 year old Regine today, while walking around Chelsea. Dad has been taking part in the photo hunting and was a great assistant today, in fact he took the great clip above. Regine let me know that elders, as opposed to having one foot in the grave, are up coming. I full-heartedly agree, don’t you?

  • Yokoo

    HAAHAA CLassic! She belongs in a movie!

  • YES–I've been toying with the idea of starting a style blog–at age 56! Thanks Regine!

  • "You either have it or you don't."

    hmmmm. My optimist is having trouble agreeing with that. But I do love the expression of a strong opinion. That can be stylish.


  • ari

    Her main point was that style is ageless, that it is inherent, and that you should go with your instinct.

  • barbara

    Style – it's all about attitude.
    Which she has. And a liberty dress does top it. I like those english ladies.

  • I love her! And I have to say that I think what you sre doing is incredible…these are the people with TRUE style…
    I am a fan!