All in the Family: Eyewear Inspiration

Part of what I’m doing to keep busy while Ari’s away with the staff camera in London (so jealous!) is reading all your submissions. Each of your letters are encouraging me to find more people with “Advanced Style” and to report about them for you. I’m so happy to be reading your letters, finding out what sort of diverse things inspired you as you developed your sense of style, and what references you look to in order to continue (or begin) to establish your look.

Apropos of this, I wanted to share one of my inspiration images (since many of you have been sending me yours)… This is my beautiful grandmother Ruth. She’s always had great style, and even now, at the age of 82, chooses eyewear that suits her style and sense of chic.
True the “cat-eye” frame is back in vogue, but I feel a little bit of her when i walk around in mine.
It’s less of an homage to a designer, and more of a salute to our elders!

Results of the survey coming soon….

  • Lovely Maayan,love the glasses and your grandmother.I never met mine, so considere yourself very lucky.
    Looking forward to the results, he, he
    Un abrazo fuerte

  • wow, you do look alot alike and yes, she is beautiful! Can you post a photo of her now? Would love to see it. All I wear is cat eyes! I think of glasses as jewelry…

    thanks for sharing!

  • judyblue

    Your grandmother is stunning. My grandmother was beautiful too. She was Polish. I remember she always kept her hair up in a bun and as a child I would ask her to take it down and she would. Her surroundings8282 was so long and soft an silver and I would comb it. Thank you Ari for bringing back this truly heart rendering memory.