Debra in Red

Debra has been busy modeling the past few days, but she made some time to stop by with Stan, her partner in crime.She wanted to show me her new haircut and I thought I should take a few photos of her since I’ll be off to England in a few days. Debra bought everything she is wearing from thrift stores including Stan’s great leather vest. She believes that frugality is fun and that personal style and creativity are healing. She loves to share her secrets on how to eat healthy and have fun. Feel free to contact her at and check out her very own page on Advanced Style!

  • Love the pink scattered in her hair. I wonder if she knew bright piece dyed hair was in for Summer 2010…?

  • I hope when I reach her fabulous age that I have as much style as she does! Such a gorgeous outfit which I'd wear myself although I think Debra looks far more beautiful in it than I ever would!

  • Amazing!

  • i admire her for sporting the pink hair and wearing red- i mean, i once thought it would clash: when i had a pink streak in my hair, i insisted i couldn't wear certain colors. i think now, i must have been quite wrong!
    her new haircut is gorgeous, very flattering. and yes, i love that scattering of pink.
    i admire her look SO much, and her style philosophy. she finds the most incredible pieces!

  • I love everything she is wearing. I also have a soft spot for thrift shops as you know. Her hair is amazing and she is exceedingly beautiful…
    Great post as ever.
    I asume you will be posting from England as well.
    Un abrazo from Andalucía- Spain.40º c today

  • va-va voom!

  • I always love to see Debra because I know her look will be fresh, unique, and playful.

  • Hello Ari,
    I come by way of one of your readers Marianne who lives in the city.

    Great style knows no age, nor has nay bounds. My 84 year old mother is the most excellent example, beautiful inside and out! I am lucky to have her as the best role model. She has taught me that we are given the opportunity to be beautiful at every age!!!

    I like this woman Debra who you feature. I agree!! It's SO rewarding to thrift and sew and pull it all together. It is a wonderful art and fun too.

    I respect you for what you're up to and accomplishing here on your site. Thank you your respect and fascination of advanced style.


  • Anonymous

    Debra always combines the perfect accoutrements for her outfits: cuffs, necklaces, rings, shoes, the works. And it's always perfect – both flattering for her body and just wild enough to push the limits a bit. Such style and personality. I love it!

  • I love your blog and that it gives kudos to the older set. Kudos to you too for having such an open mind!


  • sandra

    luv the hairstyle on you…it makes a big difference. And the outfit is to die for….

  • Great outfit.I always love chunky accessories.

  • What a treat to see Debra, and Stan's appearance makes the post a photo double-bonus! Debra is radiant, lovely as always. Her ability to assemble pieces amazes me. Each item tells its own story, but nothing "wears" her. While her style is timeless, it's always fresh and vibrant.

    Godspeed, Ari. We'll look forward to your report from across the Great Pond.

  • Tash


  • Diane

    Debra is one classy broad and I only want to see more!

  • Love the shape of her jacket and the chunky, multicoloured bracelets and necklaces. Her hair looks so cool– I have short, bleached blonde hair (you don't see the grey) and I just bought some fuschia temporary haircolour I was going to experiment with, so I find her hair very inspiring!

  • Love this blog, it's so inspiring and wonderful to see 'oldies' who look fab. As someone in her late 40s I'm still trying to work out how to dress!! I don't care for fashion but would like to look stylish, my biggest fear is looking like 'mutton dressed up as lamb'. I think vintage is the way to go, beautiful old fabrics and things that have a history.
    Have bookmarked this blog and will definately be coming back! Thanks for the great photos.