London Vintage

The fellow above was one of the coolest guys I saw walking around London. He likes to dress completely in vintage and he looks great doing it!

*a little note from the cheap seats here in NYC:
Dear Ari: Thank you for finding me my new boyfriend! This man is divine.

  • I'd fight ya for him.

  • This gentleman has an amazing personal style and he is very alluring and confident. He could easily set the heart of a younger lady atwitter!

  • Absolutely brilliant. Such class!!!

  • and you can add me to the list of women to arm wrestle you for him. That suit is gorgeous, what style!

  • What a great sense of style. Even while wearing all vintage pieces, he still looks very modern and sophisticated, but not in an off the rack" kind of way, which is how most men dress. His look is more unique and distinctive. You remember him, unlike the million other guys you passed on your way to work this morning.

  • Susan Chambers

    Oh yeah! He cuts a fine figure. Thanks for making my day Ari!


  • Great suit!

  • He's handsomely turned out! And that color of spicy brown is not the easiest to wear with a light, 'english' skintone, however this gentleman wears it well! Love his matching boots too!!

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  • Nice suit, but the pointed shoes have to go!