London’s Finest

I am having the most splendid time in London running around and meeting with some fabulous ladies and gentleman, from advanced bloggers and models to a Baron and a women who worked with the famous code cracking Enigma machine during World War II. They have welcomed me into their hearts and their homes and I am enjoying every moment of it.

The elegant women above was one of the first stylish ladies I spotted in London. I saw her get into a taxi cab and I quickly ran up to the window and asked if she would roll it down so I could take a photo of her. I complimented her turban and matching shirt and pants and she replied, ” I am on my way to chemo darling, a friend made this hat for me.” As she drove off I knew that the rest of my experiences in Europe would be just grand.

  • pure elegance.


  • Isn't she just the grandest?! Having to deal with such an awful thing, but managing it with such dignity and STYLE! Bless her! And I hope she does – exceptionally – well with the chemo.

  • This entry contained so many things:

    A very stylish woman in London getting in to a taxi, being recognized by a New Yorker with enough hutzpah to approach her (very un-English), giving her a compliment for her turban, then finding out that she is going to a chemo-therapy treatment (that is why she has the designer turban) — then we realize that the compliment by Ari probably made her day despite the negative circumstances.
    Thanks Ari!

  • All I can say is: Isn´t she lovely, isn´t she wonderful?????
    Un abrazo

  • She looks amazing! Great glasses, great outfit and great attitude!

  • What a grand lady you spotted! Those glasses … they're perfect for her.

  • evalyn

    Love her look – finished with that lovely shade of lipstick.

  • Suella

    I'm so glad you are taking photos in the streets of London. I somehow got the idea it was to be inside of Selfridges. If you are looking for funky and individualistic older style I still think you should get to the V&A museum. Lots of people to watch and photograph.

  • M.

    So elegant even during hard times. ITs really great.

  • Anonymous

    She is the finest, anywhere! Beautiful and brave! She has the skin of a young girl. (Note to all – protect your skin!) I do love her glasses as well.

    I wish her well as I am sure we all do.

  • Beautiful moment, Ari.
    Style reigns on both sides of your camera.


  • Wow!! She is looking the most beautiful and stylish women in London.

  • barbara

    And love the eyes behind the glasses.
    Wish her all the best.

  • great photo, incredible but true!

    is the first time i visit your blog but not the last!

    kisses from

  • She covers her head beautifully! And those glasses are great. Congrats on the Selfridges collaboration!

  • Ann

    She looks so elegant!
    Something I'd like to look when I'm older 🙂

  • How stunning and absolutely touching…tears came to my eyes.

  • Such uplifting fun together with serene elegance.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, Alexandra lost her battle with cancer on 1st October 2012. She is, as you can imagined much missed.