Advanced Style Video: Ilona Royce Smithkin in Stereo

[Video: Lina Plioplyte Text: Maayan Zilberman]

It’s been a while since we reported on our dear friend Ilona. All summer she’s been in Provincetown where she teaches her annual painting class and swims in the cold salty bay (as we learned in our initial meeting with her). If any of you are in the area next week, she’ll be performing her famous cabaret act TUESDAY, August 10, at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum (let us know if you are interested in attending, we’ll send you the info)!

This very special video was made by our staff videographer, Lina, who has made wonderful short films about Debra, Carol, etc… Many of you do not know this, since Lina is so often behind the camera, but she is a style icon in her own right, and extremely inspiring to me as a designer. One day we will turn the cameras on her and show you just what I mean.

But for now, enjoy the video, and thank Lina for capturing even more of Ilona’s beauty and wisdom.


  • I cannot get over how amazing she is and looks. Hurrah for ageless people!!!

  • E

    What an eloquent and ageless woman. Ilona is such an inspiration and truly remarkable in her sense of style, art and life. Thank you all for such a beautiful video.

  • EC

    What an inspiring and ageless woman. Ilona is truly an artist in everything she does. Color, song, dance, design and art all blended together in one amazing life. Thanks for the video!

  • Anonymous

    like her even more now!

  • Absolutely amazing and adorable! Such an inspiring woman and artist. Thank you for this video, Maayan and Lina.

  • she seems wonderful and fun! i remember those other pics of her from your other post. neat lady.

  • Strong Woman. So Individual. So Contrastful.
    Very Expressive Pictures.
    I Like It.

  • There aren't too many of us Ilonas around; so happy to see one who is a glorious and colorful 90 … she's darling.

  • Carla

    Wonderful to hear so much of Ilona's philosophy! I think what makes so many of these beautiful people look so young and alive are their wonderful smiles. Most old people don't smile or have any life in their faces…what a difference that smile makes!

    Ilona–how about a tutorial on making your own false eyelashes–AND how to wear them??!!

    Looking forward to that.

    Keep going…you are paving the way for the rest of us. Thank you and thanks to everyone the behind the scenes people making this fabulous upbeat blog possible.

  • yeah ! big applause for all beautiful woman

    age is just a number !

  • What a great video – this lady is amazing and she gives advice from the heart with every sentence she says! Thanks for bringing this to us.

  • what an inspiration she is!

  • OOOhhhh!!! I adore Ilona!!! What life and personality this fabulous woman exudes!!!

  • Thank you for bringing yet another inspiring and beautiful woman to life for us here.

  • She is AMAZING!!

  • I am in love…

  • I can't get over how fabulous she is. What a beautiful woman, in every sense…