Baron Clifford Von Klenk

Baron Clifford Von Klenk is one of the most smartly dressed gentleman I came across while in taking photos abroad. I took his photo for Time Out London and wanted to share it with you all. He buys most of his clothes at Huntsman London and when I asked him about his style he replied, ” I dress as I think I should.”

  • what a handsome and well dressed chap!!

  • As we said "back in the day" that dude is cleannnnn!

  • You just know that anyone who is called "Baron Clifford Von Klenk" would be dressed well!

  • ya really nic pic n baron rockzzzz

  • I'm something of a fan of the Baron; what I've seen of his younger days is rather inspiring

    I hope he's not residing in London – 'twould be irritating to have moved out earlier in the year at missed a random chance of a meeting

    All best,


  • Harry Minetree

    The suave, sartorial Baron and I have been dear friends from the Hamptons to Paradise Island and back again lo these many years. Damn if the fox doesn't get more bloody beautiful with time and wisdom. Harry Minetree
    Please pass on to the Baron my address:

  • Anonymous

    W. Clifford Klenk is no Baron. Klenk once told the NY times that he was nominated in for best supporting actor Oscar. Not True.

    Klenks' only son, Stephen, is living in a homeless shelter in West Palm Beach, Fla.

  • You look very cool, unique, and dare to be different!